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Keep it Up

Greetings, Friends. I just have a short little message to give you this morning. The week is not one us RPF veterans will forget anytime soon. These past days, we have defied the odds in place, and erupted into a massive

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Protected: Rebel Penguin Federation Intelligence

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Success! RPF Claims Parka!

Greetings, RPF! We have claimed Parka! We have defeated the Water Vikings! During our invasion/cleansing of Parka, we ran into many issues, but none were WV! The event started off as RPF logging onto Parka, Town. Soon after, we were

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Tundra acquired

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Ice Box Is Ours

Greetings, RPF. Recently, we had an event cleansing our server “Ice Box”. No other army showed up to defend, but we managed to max 26 in the Town, and averaged 20-23 there. After leaving the Town, our size decreased, although we managed to carry

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RPF Takes Full Control Of Tuxedo

The Rebel Penguin Federation commences the week with the first of three invasion clearings of USRPF servers, and to start things off right, RPF successfully invaded Tuxedo and cleared it with little to no resistance. |||| TUXEDO PICTURE LOG ||||

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The Shad Bulletin!

The Shad Bulletin -This post will be a new weekly post posted on Sunday/Mondays!- Hello I am Shad for those of you who do not know me and I am starting up a weekly post called Shad Bulletin. I started

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The RPF News Ticker

Hello, Lights here bringing the RPF troops information on Club Penguin Armies this week! The first thing we will be talking about is CPAC’s Top Ten! The Top Ten this week reads as follows, 1. Nachos [+1] [86.75] 2. Hot Sauce Army [-1] [85.88]

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Alliance with UMA

Greetings, friends. RPF is an army of reason, tolerance, and understanding. Indeed, in 2007, we fought the great fight against our original comrades from the days we both served under Pinkmafias. Back then, Pink was teaching his followers how to

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A pleasure to Work with You, New Recruits

Greetings, Friends. I pleased to greet you again as  a3ic, SirProditor, also known as Xgthregtejm. By now, you’ve possibly seen me hanging around on the chatroom, giving advice at times, orders in events sometimes, questions to you, etc. I want

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