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Happy Dethday!

Ok the site is still being converted to a multimedia hub instead of…. club… thing. But its still not stopping me from posting about awesome stuff, and I have the perfect thing to post about today, considering its Dethday… My

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Polls Are Now Open

Well, this is still the RPF site as well as the federation site until Friday when the election ends. I looked at the list of soldiers wishing to run, and all those who fit the qualifications are listed below. Sgt

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A Rite Of Passage

Commando Edit: About the pages, this is just a reminder to all staff on the site. We have to back up all the current pages so we can demolish (stupid spell check messed that word up, sorry for sounding stupid

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The Federation – Coming Soon

Greetings Minions RPF is still around, but alot of us are moving onto better things. Making a page for RPF on this site makes no sense though, because RPF needs an entire site for joining and ranks to function properly.

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My Site Now

Finally, the people of RPF, actually scratch that. A lot of people just imparticular got bored of Club Penguin and are retiring. And its about time, for two reasons. For that, and thinking up a good idea with the help

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Well, It’s my time to go.  I’m too old, CP is just stupid, ignorant, and a waste of time to me now.  I’ve been in RPF for 2 long years(joined August 2007), I seen all the leaders come and go, Commando,

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I talked with many people, including Kyle and Commando. From that I decided that I can move on from CP armies without feeling like I am betraying RPF. I will move on and be federation president with Commando and maybe

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This has nothing to do with RPF

RPF is The Rebel Penguin Federation. Sure, go make the Federation onto Different Games, but wha twould happen to the Rebel PEnguin Federation? It would die out.  Basicly, my point is RPF should stay on CP. And that the Federation

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A New Federation?

There has been alot of talk about if RPF should move onto different games. I am just going to come out and say it, I want to move onto different games. The main concern of people though, is what games

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Time for REAL change.

Edit Again: I was thinking, since most RPF soldiers hate getting on CP (myself included) and the info I got from what you answered for the last post, we have a couple options, and I think we may all agree

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