Note: The details on this page are not up-to-date, and will be updated soon.

The U.S.R.P.F currently holds 50 strong servers.

  1. ABOMINABLE || Major Base
  2. ALASKA || Major Base
  3. ALPINE || Minor Base
  4. ARCTIC || Minor Base
  5. BLIZZARD || Minor Base
  6. Adventure
  7. Beanie
  8. Below Zero
  9. Berg
  10. Big Foot
  11. Bobsled
  12. Caribou
  13. Cloudy
  14. Cozy
  15. Crunch
  16. Deep Snow
  17. Fiesta
  18. Flurry
  19. Fog
  20. Frozen
  21. Glacier
  22. Grizzly
  23. Hypothermia
  24. Ice Age
  25. Ice Berg
  26. Ice Cream
  27. Ice Shelf
  28. Klondike
  29. Mammoth
  30. Mammoth
  31. Marshmallow
  32. Migrator
  33. Mittens
  34. Outback
  35. Rocky Road
  36. Slippers
  37. Slushy
  38. Snow Angel
  39. Snow Bank
  40. Snow Cone
  41. Snow Day
  42. Snow Globe
  43. Snowfall
  44. South Pole
  45. Toboggan
  46. Tundra
  47. TUXEDO || Capitol
  48. Walrus
  49. White Out
  50. Yeti
26 comments on “U.S.R.P.F.
  1. Sonictom5 says:

    Good news, with 42/133 servers, we own approx.32% of ALL CLUB PENGUIN! FAR FROM OVER

  2. Mo10000 says:

    we must win 50% of CP servers,that would mean 66 or 67 servers.come on RPF,we can!

  3. nikunj67 says:


  4. ℓσя∂ zєηιтн | ƒιgнт тнє gσσ∂ ƒιgнт says:

    It was 32 when I was gone! 8 servers added! Wahoo!

  5. jetkid8 says:

    next server I think you should take over: icicle ( my favorite server )

  6. Bud says:

    take over

  7. Bud says:

    Nachos are SOOOOOO gonna loose today… woo

  8. axel601 says:

    I was looking for server Tuxedo, but then the number 45 server LOL, maybe that server is playing HIDE AND SEEK!

  9. axel601 says:

    EDIT: Seems you owned my favorite server WHITE OUT! Good! I was about 81% visiting that server! FAR FROM OVER

  10. jimmy38983 says:

    WOW So many servers

  11. jimmy38983 says:

    51 servers thats just incredible

  12. jimmy38983 says:

    mAmoth and yeti r written 2 tines

  13. Awesome A says:

    Yeah 2 times Mammoth&Yeti,51 servers!Awesome!

  14. Dark Lexicon says:

    i quit rpf and joined DW and they have 65 severs SO HA! and elmikey if i see you i will kill you im serious

  15. Samuel says:

    We might win this

  16. Aarayan1 says:

    cool server have captured

  17. joseph says:

    take over icicle

  18. TheRebelGirl says:


  19. EpicnesRocks says:

    ziplline is the only server that has more than 3 bars that rpf doesnt have

  20. Kubba1 says:

    I agree we need to get Zipline

  21. Kubba1 says:

    It’s great that we have so many servers. Dark Lexicon- don’t dis.

  22. blake294 says:


  23. We shall go for more of the servers. Go RPF!! 😉

  24. clubxlcboys says:

    East or West U.S.R.P.F is the best. 🙂

  25. jimmy38983 says:

    ar is saying they have the server berg and many more most of the servers we have they are saying they have it

  26. ROOKIE 8 says:

    we should should try to capture the strongest server on club penguin 🙂

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