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Tuxedo Secured

I am extremely happy on how everything is turning out.  Commando is Back in Black, the site is going to look awesome, and RPF is on its way back to the top.  One of those things was accomplished last night

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Happy New Year!

Well, I have a feeling 2010 is going to be a really good year for some reason. I wonder why? Well one good reason is that I’m getting a new Xbox 360 in about two weeks… because I got the

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Time To Get Up, And Back Into The War

The RPF hit its lowest point about a week ago, when the ACP tyranny invaded what was left of our homeland. They took everything from us. Tuxedo, the capital that made it through World War III was taken over by

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Get Some Day

I have declared this National Get Some Day, why? Well theres a few reasons, the biggest one is that we have a Rant going up on a video some time soon thats absolutly amazing. It should signal handly make everyone

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Time for Stuff

We (the federation) are sharing with RPF. I’m actually fine with that for now. I haven’t had a bunch of time to post lately. I don’t want this sharing to be the end of the federation, but it wont be

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Down with the flu.

For the past dayish I have been down with the flu. Here’s what it took to get better. 1  Big mac meal. 2  Cinnamon buns. 1  PP&J Sandwich. 7  Bottles of water. 5 Times to try to get David Bowie

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Back To Business

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, I know for me the fun hasn’t ended but we should probably start working on stuff that needs to be done. So let’s get started. What needs to be done: Relocate RPF pages to

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Happy Holidays!

Well Let me be first to say Happy holidays! For some Holiday news let me fill you in really quick about stuff! Iron man2! Megan Fox is single! Big non transformer Big robots killing stuff! Thor! Megan Fox is still

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Boomer’s Flop

Osprey037 Edit: I have decided that I want to help you with this. I feel responsible for losing tuxedo, and I want to help you get it back. The voice of an army should not be viewed or determined by

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The Future Of

The majority has decided what we’re going to do, so, I believe the viewers have the right to know too., better known as, has truly a long history. It started with an online game called Club Penguin, where

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