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Sad day…

This is a day thats been feared.ACP has grown up as a big army,a supreme army.But for the leaders,well they thought it was time to say goodbye.Yep you heard it.ACP is no longer an army.Mazzar may revive it.Its unknow.But even

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Slow News Day

Well everyone, we seem to have been having a slow news MONTH. All that there is to report about is… Dragon’s thingamajig and like, the new government. Well, hopefully there will be something important happening soon. Let’s see… yea… Well,

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WordPress Theme

I have changed the RGF’s site theme to one that is possible. Check it out, tell me what you think of it. Soon I will be editing the pages, adding new pages, deleting pages, editing the sidebar, and making a

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RPF Declares War On ACP

Alright Everyone, brace yourselves. The RPF is declaring war on ACP. Get ready to fight your heart out because this is going to be huge. Be sure to remember to always fight the good fight and that this post is

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RGF Update

Well if were going to take this army a step into the future, might as well be now. During today and tomorrow I will be trying out different themes for the rpfrulers blog. Once decided a new header will be

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Congressional Elections!

Alright potential candidates? Do you want to run for congress? No!? Well get that drum fixed, because in one week, we are going to hold the vote. Candidates, please make your ads, and try to appeal to the people. Now,

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Server Elections Over

Sorry I couldent post for a while. WordPress tryed a new thing so i couldent make posts. Tundra The Winner of Tundra Is… Bobliosenior If you check the polls right now, Wgtv is winning, but when the poll ended, Bob

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WW Olympics

WW Olympic Sign Up Forms 26 05 2008 Here is the WW Olympics. Anyone can join for any event. Also, other armies are allowed to join. The Olympics will be held on Saturday, May 31 at 12:00 PST on the server Sabertooth. Depending

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New Government!

It was tedious and complicated but KG and I have worked it out. We will be establishing a NEW GOVERNMENT! It is quite simple and works along the line of the US government. The warlords and head warlords will be

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While Kg and the rest of the editors and authors slack off, Im quietly working on some of my own stuff. Once the party on CP is over Im going to continue with the Commanda movie, not only that, Im

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