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RPF Will Not Participate in War on Halloween

CW has, for some bizzar reason felt it nessisary to attack on, not only Halloween, but at the pinicle of all trick-or-treeting times. Insulting us for our sweat-tooths when infact it is the natural nature of the Human species to

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Mistake After Mistake.

Hello, this is your Warlord speaking, Cewan/Stark.  It seems that CW has put the illusion in their head that they can manage to invade Parka from us AGAIN. Foolish ideas, they need to be kicked out of the Top 10

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Sign up ends Wednesday night. Hello There, fellow RPF citizens and freinds. I am typing this post at exactly 7:05 PST AM while eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So yeah, you probably guessed this isn’t about red velvet

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Tactics Session

Hello, fellow RPF. I, Term, am scheduling a tactics session. RPF TACTIC SESSION SUNDAY, November 7th 3PM PACIFIC 4PM MOUNTAIN 5PM CENTRAL 6PM EASTERN OUTBACK, SNOW FORTS HIGHEST RANK LEADS Comment if you can BE THERE! ~Term.ness

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Parka Won!

Omega39: I personally believe that we should have a rematch with CW concerning Parka. It is not fair that they had to battle the mighty NW and then having to deal with us. What honor is there to kill a

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"The Nacho/ACP Wars aren't starting over, they're just going on."

People of RPF, we have before us a most grievous task. The Nachos have attempted to organize a secret alliance to undermind the vast liberties that the Army of Club Penguin provides upon its allies and comrades. Us being both,

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Addressing The Ranks Problem.

Hello, Starrk here, your Warlord.  I’m addressing the RPF as a whole about our ranks. Currently, our ranks are lacking many vital leadership positions, that in my opinion should be filled. Copied from the ranks page: Supreme Commander (Max. 2) –

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"Hail, to the Victor's Crown" [Invasion 1PM PST]

[VERY IMPORTANT] INVASION OF PARKA DATE: Saturyday, 10/23 TIMES: 1:00pm PST(Penguin Standard Time) 2:00pm MST 3:00pm CST 4:00pm EST 9:00pm UK(GMT)   For many a year RPF has protected the freedoms and liberties of the Parka Armies. Among these armies,

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The Failure

Well it was a poor battle today and well, one word to desribe it, failure. We lost parka in about 20 minutes because we were forced to surrender due to be overpowered by CW. CW had a large size and

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I'm sad to say the fall has begun…

Dear RPF , I am ashamed. We had full chat at once but about six people were on CP and we had to surrender. THIS IS NOBODIES FAULT BUT YOURS. If you were on chat and not CP, congratulations. This isn’t ashes’s

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