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New Unit

 Sergie is making a new unit called RPF Coast Gaurd. To join, go here,  ~ Kg 007

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News Today

UMA Site Hacked!  The UMA’s site was hacked, along with there chat. They are keeping things under control in this situation, and we hope everything is solved as soon as possible. Suspension?  RPF Air Force Head Warlord, Ziehen has been suspended

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Here are the results for the Kman poll: Should Kman be able to run for 2nd in Command?   Selection   Votes Yes  44% 23 No  56% 29 52 votes total After 52 votes, Kman will not be able

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New Chat

 RPF now has a new chat located on the chat page. I (Kg 007) am now the main owner on the chat. The old chat is still on the page. RPF Chat ww  Poll: Kman 2nd in Command?  ~ Kg

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Danger in Mammoth

 The elites army is getting bigger and bigger. It seems as though that the army is on CP 24/7. They are always on and nothing is being done to stop them. As part of RPF’s Mammoth Movement, to help keep

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Commanda’s Adventure – The Last Stand

This is Commando here, announcing that I will be making one final Commanda movie. In honor of the RPF. It will be called Commanda’s Adventure – The Last Stand, as you can see in the title. If you thought the

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New Ranking System

This will be the new RPF ranking system. (1) Leader – Kg 007 (2) Second in Command – Gregorey (4) Head Warlord – (12) Warlord – (8 ) Head General – (12) Major General – General – Admiral – Colonel – Major

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Mammoth Movement

RPF had recruiting today in Mammoth, lead by Talyor455. He gained about 12 new recruits and then we a bunch of RPF, we also had help from a part of WARP that Shadow had shown me how to use. Here

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New Era

 Today is the begining of the new era of RPF. After Commando’s last battle, things are going to change. Here is the list of upcoming events: Second in Command Voting Promotion Day S.T.A.R 1st Year Anniversery Many more… Here are

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Fight the Good Fight…

Yes, I havent been on in a long time. Its because of various reasons. Plus Im not into CP any more. Yes.. I know what your thinking. Im a jerk now like all the other leaders leaving with not much

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