New Era

 Today is the begining of the new era of RPF. After Commando’s last battle, things are going to change. Here is the list of upcoming events:

  • Second in Command Voting
  • Promotion Day
  • S.T.A.R
  • 1st Year Anniversery
  • Many more…

Here are the candidates for Second in Command of RPF:

  • Gregorey
  • Ziehen
  • Talyor455
  • Dragonninja0
  • Flameboy125

There will be a debate some time after Commando’s Final Battle.

EDIT: We are going to war with BB. Watex Warriors are also going to war with BB.

 ~ Kg 007

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48 comments on “New Era
  1. wii mountain says:

    good ideas kg, 1st comment lol

  2. Tidle Fin says:

    PROMOTION DAY!?!? Yesssssssss!!!!! S.T.A.R.? I wonder if that will be the same thing as WARP .

    I’ve been active on cp just to let you know o_0.

  3. Tidle Fin says:

    Kg, PLEASE put the Final Battle on a low population server, seriously. I REALLY want to be there, so please put it on brumby or SOMETHING!

  4. Tommer651 RPF warlord says:


  5. Zarley says:

    man I dont know who to vote for

  6. Tidle Fin says:

    If kman hadn’t quit, he would’ve been chosen immediatly…

  7. dialga80 says:

    Woo ill be promoted! I hope…


  8. yay time to get premoted ive been a 5 star general way to long

  9. Coconutmad says:

    ya know what. for commandos last battle, well other armys set out a huge war on tundra. so we should do the same thing on one of their servers. if we defended tundra against about five armys. we can destroy 5 armys attacking.


  10. Mr Snowball3 says:

    Can this vote for second in command happen faster than it did last time? 🙂

  11. Tidle Fin says:

    No, we should do it in Tuxedo, our capital.

  12. Tidle Fin says:

    Could anyone tell me how to save a video I made on hypercam??

  13. jaja1995 says:

    when u finished the video it shuld save automaticlly when u finish it and it will go into your target file. if you cant find or dont know where it went click on the thing on the hypercam toolbar saying avi file and it should give you a option to where you wanna direct the video to when you finished.
    i know alot about making videos 😀

  14. Tidle Fin says:

    Thanks jaja. 😀

  15. Vote Taylor!! Then Tommer and I can run for Marine Branch leader…

  16. 5-Star Air Force Chief Bobliosenior says:

    Will there be a new head warlord? I’ll be in the race for that. -Bobliosenior

  17. Furbur27 says:

    I’d better decide who to vote for! 🙂

  18. Tidle Fin says:

    AAH HA!! But dude, I took a video (About a half hour ago) of uma TEAMING UP with bb. Sure, this will definitly get us more soldiers, and we will get more respected, but what about the uma?

  19. Tidle Fin says:

    This is a vid of rpf victory party that happened ten minutes ago, yes, it takes that long to upload. I’ll get the battle vid later.

  20. Tidle Fin says:

    Omg, if I meet that tuckerlily kid in real life, I swear I will kick her annoying a- I mean…. I would give her a strict talking to o_0 ….

  21. blak mafias(5 star general)a.k.a(CEO of RPF inc.) says:

    tidle fin, you live in OHIO???? ot Mishagian???? on the right side of the video is said (where this vedio came from) and it showed and map of mishagin or ohio on the border i think near lake erie i think.

  22. klimster says:

    Hey RPF. This is Klimster, one of the BB leaders . BB is pretty mad you want war. We are still trying to figure out why. Can you explain this to me in chat or a comment? Oh and heres our site btw so you can see what your up against

    peace out – Klimster

  23. Tidle Fin says:

    Yea black mafias I live in Michigan.. I think I went kinda crazy with the map though 😛 .

    Klimster, I’m pretty sure it’s because you went to war with allies..
    and FOR ONCE you weren’t exactly an allie. More like neutral.

    See you on the battlefield.

  24. Papa Zou says:

    Finally. RPF is getting back on top. This of been the plan KG was talking about. Anyway, this war with BB, finally some action. I will be there as a Marine General.

  25. Tidle Fin says:

    Ok, the battle that is happening right now is lasting along time. I keep saying that we won, but they keep firing.

    It consists of..

    Rpf and WW (looking like nachos -.-) vs. BB and random people who joined them.

    I recorded about 15 minutes of it.. yea, that’s not even close to how long it’s becoming.

    I led rpf and ww in many advances and charges (ask dialga or zarley) . Rpf and ww were brave, and WE WON!

    Gosh… takes FOREVER to upload dude!

    Yea, sorry, it’s still uploading.

  26. Flameboy all teh way!!! He’s such a good fighter! Maybe the nachos and RPF can have a promotion fight to see who promotes flame boy the most…. LOL. (JK)


  27. Lotsofpie says:


  28. Papa Zou says:

    Oh yah Tidle Fin, i would like to apologize for my actions in previous posts. i was jus trying to support john, i think i went a little out of line. that definetly not RPF stands for nor what i stand for. So for that, im sorry.

  29. Tidle Fin says:

    It’s ok.

  30. rpfscience says:

    It’s shad jr… i wanna vote for Flame also, I WANNA DESTROY BB

  31. Tidle Fin says:



    *transmission terminated*

  32. rpfscience says:

    dragon, its shad… dude, im not a spoiled rotton little bitch like u, and i didnt get pissy. u didnt make the rpf marines and u cant fire any1 in any branch. so HA HA HA. kg even said so… plus, *kills dragon* i wish u’d just stay dead!

  33. Aqua Blue 10 says:

    IM NEVER NOMINATED!! and i replied to Join RPF and u never told me if i was in or not!!

  34. Tidle Fin says:

    Lol. Aqua Blue, first of all, we’ve never seen you on club penguin. Second of all, no one EVER reads the other pages’ comments lol. We only read the comments on recent posts. Third of all, you wouldn’t be nominated, because you need to be a warlord or higher to be a canidate.

    So stop your whining and get ta steppin!

  35. Tidle Fin says:

    Oh, and did I mention I survived?

  36. justinbronze says:


  37. justinbronze says:

    srry i mean: I VOTE FLAME BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Tidle Fin says:

    Umm…. can I be flameboy’s poster-maker?

    The poster-maker makes posters that encourage people to vote for someone.

    Also, I made a bunch of vids today.

    This, in my opinon, is my best one. You can see my others from there.

    Ah, the joys of windows movie maker.

  39. silverburg says:

    Haha, I remember when commando started his army =]

  40. 13mmetivier says:

    firstyes i did make marines ask kg commando or kman second i can fire people in military branch

  41. planetclippy says:

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