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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween RPF :D.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled day. Lets get a lot of candy tonight!  Have a great time dressing up! Comment with what you are going to be for Halloween :D, It is

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Triumphant RPF and the NDA Alliance

The end is near. The Bloodline Alliance is at the foot of death. Our goal was to destroy them. We have. With the help of our allies ACP and DCP, RPF has successfully made inroads into the Bloodline Alliance’s feeble

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Unbelievable AUSIA!

Greetings army men, this is Andy, your AUSIA Leader in Training informing you about another one of our frequent unscheduled events. (Yes, the second one of the day, because the chat size was irresistible) This was AUSIA’s third non-chat event i.e. we

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RPF Monument Video *Special* Coming soon!

Hey Rebels! My visitation of the week is almost over of RPF 😦 But before I leave off to continue my Quest , I decided to make a little video of RPF history. I will post it soon THIS weekend.

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Amazing Ausia

Ausia Division had an unscheduled training session on the server Arctic that was so amazing!  The best, most responsive, attentive troops ever with perfect formations and tactics, charges/bombs, room changes, and some difficult executions of formation changes…all while in CP

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New US Rebel Commander

Attention RPF:  elections for RPF leader, Rebel Commander are being concluded early.  The reason for this is that the overwhelming majority of RPF active troops have voted and we have determined a clear-cut winner already. Both candidates had great campaigns

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Unscheduled training on Arctic

Hello RPF! Today (or this morning for me) we had an unscheduled training event. It was also a U-lead at one point, where our fantastic troops showed off their leading skills 😀 We maxed 12 and averaged 9, which was

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UK Division Practice Session!

Greetings fellow RPF comrades! This is Andy, reporting to you about a scheduled event, this time held for the UK Division! We held the event at approximately at 11 am PST on the recently pillaged server Big Snow! In this event,

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Unique Unscheduled Ausia Event

RPF, our Ausia division had a unique unscheduled event on the server Alpine.   Why was this so unique?  Well, I decided half way through that I would lead only in CP.  We have a battle on Saturday that is

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Invasion of Snow Fort Results

The RPF logged on to Snow Fort and successfully invaded it from the Nachos today. Just 2 Nachos were able to be found throughout the server of Snow Fort. We quickly forced them to log off and surrender. I’m very

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