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Who Are We?

Who Are we? An army? A nation? A political party? A club? I feel that I, as well as many, if not all others, have forgotten what we ORIGINALLY were. Commando and Kyle created the RPF, which was originally for

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Re: Invasion of RPF Nation/I'm Sick of You

Looky here RPF, we’re all tired of you and all of your foolish ways.  We’re tired of all of your stupid comments, your insults, and your mistreatment.  “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”

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Invasion Times for TG Defence[READ TIMES]

Remember the Invasion Of Slushy Date: Sunday, October 3rd Time: 2:00 PST Server: Walrus seeing that berg will be full. Room: All over. EXACT copy from TG site. Read adress to RPF here. Invasion of Tuxedo was called off by

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Adress to the People of RPF

Fiasco Edit : My post was a much  better heartwarmin speech “Shoulder pressing close to shoulder, LET THE ODDS MAKE EACH HEART BOLDER!” A couple hours RPF, our great nation and motherland, was suddenly and delibertly attacked, by the empire

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The Results are in!

Pic for Skloop, because he sucks: Unscheduled no allies. Well done to all the candidates! They were the closest polls i have ever seen! I am going to say who won the position,the percentage of votes they had and how

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Oh Noo!

Oh no! Guess what? I, Daisy, am retiring from clubpenguin armies/chats.  Its been fun meeting new people, talking with old friends, and all the bullshit drama i brought.  I know that some of you absoulutely hate me, but i coulnd’t

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Declaring War on Golden Troops

“If Heaven ain’t a lot like RPF, I don’t wanna go. If Heaven ain’t a lot like RPF, I’d just as soon stay home. Just send me to Hell or GT, it’d be ’bout the same to me.” People of

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Government positions ELECTIONS

POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED!!! Hello RPF. The RPF Government Positions signup is now CLOSED. The polls for each of the positions can be found below! May the best penguin win! Because there was only one applicant, Chaos is now the

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DCP Admits No Notice

I, Grant42, was on DCP chat trying to solve this conflict. I was telling them about how we do not own Cabin, and they invaded nothing. They also didn’t give us a 24-hour warning, but when I was on their

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Government Positions

Kara Edit 2: Ashes, hurry up and make the poll. D:< Chapa’s edit: Rofl this is our most comments post in this time, 27 comments Kara Edit: Elections start Wednesday or Thursday. Whenever we get some free time to make

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