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Cool Stuff

Hey everyone, Kyle here to give you the low-down on the newest page! Cool stuff is designed to give you a link to a page where you can purchase awesome RPF, Federation, and Humor themed T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, and Ties!

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Medal Day

Hello guys. Today We will Be on CP All day if you can. you must be on club penguin, and the chat when your Here. I and some people will Be handing out Medals who work the hardest. We will

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Such a Headache

First of all were not going to war with ACP. if those pics were fake, nothing to worry about. if they were real and Fort only said that so MiMi would shut up fine. if he really did say that

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RPF Chat Box – No More

The chat box is going to be destroyed due to absolute CHAOS! The new chat box is located here” ~KYLE Commando717: I edited the title for those who only read the title and dont know what the post is

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Clearing My Name

Ok this is a real load of bull on my hands right now, see Im tech. not in RPF. So having bad relations (Fort57, ACP, John Borne) Shouldnt effect you guys unless they are freaking retards. Me and Fort had

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Prepare For War!!!!!!!

We may need to prepare for war against ACP.I know this may be a shock to all but its true.I have recently recieved evidence from a confidential employant that talked to ACP leader Fort57.They discussed 1 thing,destroying RPF……So brace yourself

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John, I know you wouldn’t let me lead in Peace!

Dear John Borne, it is understandable that you are trying to make me look bad. I am sure you would kill me, if you could. But come on, why are you trying to defeat me and this army in such

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Look at the authors!

Do you see a ziehenleaderofrpf account? What’s his e-mail address that his wordpress account is registered under! It’s fake! THIS IS MY REAL ACCOUNT, AND I’VE USED IT FOR 2 YEARS NOW! I need to tell you: There are people

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I have been imitated on RPF Chat

Dear RPF members, you have been retarded enough to make my imitator a main owner on RPF Chat. How do you know I am the real Ziehen? I AM REGISTERED!   ZiehenOliverKahn (42008318 ) That is my username on xat.

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New Airforce Head Warlord has been announced!

According to our poll, after 69 votes, Bobliosenior727 is new Airforce Head Warlord (and Branch Leader)! He received 28 votes, which is 41% of all votes. Nielsenkc finished with 23 votes, 33%. King Ziehen got 16 votes, that is equal

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