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Happy New Year!

Sorry for no post today, I was busy preparing for New Years! Happy New Year RPF! You can take tomorrow off if your want, since most of us will have hang overs (jk lol)! 2008 opens up new opportunities, and

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News Today

Welcome to News Today, where some very important events and wars are happening. In the past week UMA has been attacking ACP organized and rogue, some ACP troops ended up attacking UMA back roguery though. But ACP with out there

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Heres the deal everyone, I have been REALLY busy lately. Its surprising I have been even able to get on! This also means that I am unable to check comments all the time, I do read your comments though. But

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RPF Incorporated

Move over Virtucon, Globex, and Umbrella, the RPF is making a company! Do you want a job? visit -Taytay606 Edit: Sorry everyone, almost forgot about the RPF New Years party! Which happens to be tomorrow. Heres the information for

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Club Penguin News/News Today/Practice Battle Review

Practice Battle Review The practice battle was great, this time blue won! The battle only lasted 35 minutes, talk about a blue come back! Let me tell you how it went. As the blue emerged from the coast line they

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Red                                                          Blue         Vs.     RPF practice battle is today! So dont forget, from this post it is less than an hour away, good luck red and blue! Information: December, 28, 2007 (Today) 1:00 PM PST Snow Board, USRPF Cove, Forest, Plaza Blue

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Well most of us are probably still occupied with their new stuff from Christmas. Thats why Im not issuing any big event. Accept we are still having a practice war on Friday. I was going to have a training event

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News Today

Today, a “nation crisis” almost happened. UMA tried to put governors on servers in the DRACP, USRPF, Nacho Empire, and many other places to work as cameras to watch the dojos. But today USRPF wasnt going to allow this, because it

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Total bust!

Battle of the bands was a total bust. Everyone who was even alive that night recieved the platinum record medal. I guess some people are just too uneducated, oh well, whatever. Actually, nobody won it. Whatever, I am never doing

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News Today/Busy

Im going to be busy for today and part of tomorrow, so I wont be able to get on much. Just letting you guys know, well anyway even though I am busy I have a little window of time to

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