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Liberation of Half Pipe

Hello, soldiers!  I recently wandered over to the Tacos site, and I saw that those fools claimed that they owned Half Pipe as their capital!  As WW Leader, I know for a fact that WW has owned Half Pipe for

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Club Penguin News 03/31/11

Hello RPFers. This is the Automated Teller Machine 23 at your service with another entertaining post for your liking. This post contains Club Penguin News and RPF News and events if you scroll down more. Shall we begin? We shall.

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***ADVANCED NOTICE OF IMPROVEMENT WORKS*** The RPF website will undergo improvement works scheduled between 19:30 UTC on Saturday the 2nd of April and 23:59 UTC on Tuesday the 5th of April. These times are not a start and finish time; It is the maximum time

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Events/Our Recent Activities

READ CEWAN’S POST BELOW! Now that I have to make a post over 100 words, I  shall start. 17 words already! Anyway since we are rising and soon will have potential to fight, we need to continue on our path.

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Compromise With Wind Warriors

The invasion was way more successful then we had planned! We maxed out at about 12 people. But, we made a compromise with the Wind Warriors. We will share Ice Berg with them. We get 2/3’s, they get 1/3. Here are the

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An Informative Post For The New Recruits

Hello RPF. We are getting stronger! Slowly, but it is happening. I think we finally have the leadership issues solved. I would like to take the time to Welcome all of the new soldiers that have joined to the RPF!

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I would like to address the situation going on.  I’ll use an anology that really doesn’t work at all, but you’ll catch my drift.  I am the little kid who has talent but is too inconsistent in the eyes of

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A message from Commando

This copied directly of our facebook group Heres the huge thing with the Club Penguin Army organization. Once you have written your story in history once, it’s there forever. People recognize you and model themselves to try and be you,

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That Thing I said… Yea I take it back – RPF Wants You… By You I mean Cewan

I’m an idiot! I was ignorant to the fact that the actual soldiers of RPF who get on chat every day and want RPF to comeback actually like Cewan as leader. Here is the thing. Every single soldier in RPF

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Goodbye, RPF. For now, at least.

I have a request before I officially go-  I would like to talk to Commando.  One on one.  I do not care about the means of communication, I just want to see his official opinion on where I screwed up.

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