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Late Night Posts With Orgulan

Money For Playing Your Favorite Video Games? Yes it’s true some “Teens/ Kids” Have gotten Rich off of Playing their Favorite Game. Tom ‘Tsquared’ Taylor(Age 21)- Great Halo Player, and He’s also the face of Major League Gaming and one of

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Vote Me And Get Free Giraffes

Hey, Sponge here. Well, apparently, I’m running for leader for RPF. Here are some of my speeches to run for RPF leader. First Speech: Bringing RPF back to the tops Greetings Hello, fellow RPF citizens. I would like to talk about about

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Election Stuff Pt. 2

Greetings RPF Soldiers Intructions for Kyle I’ll be gone when polls open because I’m leaving to go camping tomorrow and wont be back until sometime late on Sunday. However, I’ll make things easy for Kyle, by telling him all he

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We aren’t going down without a fight..

Hey, Spongebob007 here. You know Tundra? The server that I used to govern? Well, guess what? Nachos are invading it. Could you believe it? Our own allies are taking over our server. This server, Tundra, is historic to RPF. We’ve

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Election Info

Greetings RPF Soldiers Time before the election is running down, so I’m posting some stuff about it. Requirements to run for RPF leader: One must be in RPF One must have been in RPF for at least 6 months One

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Help Defend Tundra

RPF will be helping to defend tundra tomorrow, against the nachos. we ask for as many other armies as possible to help for several reasons. Firstly, Tundra has, for over a year been shared by WW, BB, RPF, and FGR

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A Little Rant

Edit: I mae it sound like I didn’t think next generation was a threat, that is false. 🙂 NGA is a threat to ACP.     Greetings RPF Soldiers   This whole thing with ACP really makes me mad. First

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Updates and such.

Hey, Sponge here. Updates on CP Armies Acp admits they are a not a democracy. But in fact, Oligarchy, or Congressional Oligarchy. They are also saying that all armies that have a co leader are all Oligarchies. Next Generation dukes

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Good work furbur.

Hello fellow soldiers this is General Oberst543. I first of all like to congratulate Furbur on a almost 100% Guarantee that he will win the election. But if you haven’t made your choice to vote for someone you can look

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A post by Ashes #3

I have decided that because doing news every day is stupid, i will do more detailed news every week, and do updates and fail pictures, polls, and maybe reviews eveyday. So, here is the post. Updates The ACP admit they

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