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Operation Expansion

The RPF is getting really big for only 1 server, its time to expand. We must extablish more bases in tuxedo and Blizzard. We are also planning to move into some other servers including Parka(highly populated server) and Snow Cone(last

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Oagalthorp helped my track down Rockhopper for RNM news, I got some photos take a look. (photos removed) -commando717

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100,000 Views Party

Sense i have never had a party for the number of views we have had im going to host one at 100,000 views. It will take place in my igloo so if you want the party soon, start looking at

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Avalanche Emergancy Broadcast

The mountain seems to be falling apart as you can see snow is coming off it like crazy, The news helicopter got some more photos that you should see. WARNING: stay out of any areas that the avalanche is close

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Even though I wasnt there the ACP took care of PMA,  The PMA probably would have had help from the nachos if the RPF and the UMA didnt ambush the dojo a head of time in our meeting. Great job

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Meeting Review

The meeting part lasted about 2 mins till we all decided to go wup some nachos and rogue UMA at the dojo. It was awsome,  thanks for showing up guys! Pictures from meeting/battle (pictures removed) Suspected leader of rogue UMA,

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Avalanche Alert

Club Penguin has issued an Avalanche Alert,  this is taking place up near the Dojo so we must be careful in the PMA attack due to the Avalanche that may happen. RNM News helicopter photos: (pictures removed)

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P.M.A War

Get prepaired for war, PMA is going down. Battle Information: Battle Time: 3 PST Battle Location: Dojo, Mammoth Battle Troop Requirment: If you can make it Battle Type: Attack Move out!

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RPF/ACP/UMA Emergancy Meeting

The rogue UMAs are getting out of hand and now are going crazy across mammoth, i ask of you to come to this meeting at 1 PST time tomorrow(Friday). RPF, ACP and UMA try to come. The location- the mine.

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R.P.F Videos

If you have noticed there are now videos on our site, you can find them on the lower right side, some of them are aganst UMA because they were made before we became neutral/allies. Enjoy the videos!

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