Server Protection Act [CURRENTLY NOT ENACTED]

In the interests of protecting the servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation , each server will have a commander of the National Guard. In most cases this will be the Duke/Viceroy of the server. Any commander has the power to request any RPF members, officers and leaders in order to protect said server from an invasion. Commanders have the right to request a post on the RPF site saying about an invasion of said server, and will command the invasion until a higher ranked individual arrives and the commander passes over authority to said higher rank. The higher rank can decline to accept command, delegate command, take control, or take joint control. No commander can be relieved of command unless it is in the best interests of the RPF. In such situation the government will hold an emergency meeting. In the event that the government cannot be contacted or are undecided, the decision will be the ultimate responsibility of the reigning monarch. The National Guard Commander will be responsible for regaining control of his or her server should it be taken by the enemy. He or she is also responsible for organising security patrols of the server.

Government Leadership Act (Order 112) [CURRENTLY NOT ENACTED]

This act ensures that the Government of the Rebel Penguin Federation has the power to take complete control over the Rebel Penguin Federation, acting in the interests of the Rebel Penguin Federation only, including power over current leaders, as listed at in the event of the Government declaring enacting Order 112. The Government of the Rebel Penguin Federation, as according to the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation page,  found at , can declare this Act, called Order 112, during times of internal problems, including but not limited to, the current leader/ one of the current leaders being a traitor, Removing someone unfairly, lying to get someone removed from the Rebel Penguin Federation or doing something that is not for the good of the Rebel Penguin Federation, with or without support. When Order 112 is enacted, the government will automatically take control of all powers normally given to the leader/leaders. During this time, the power of the current leader/leaders shall be restricted so they cannot interfere, including repealing Order 112 or firing the Prime Minister, as mentioned on the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation page, found at . When Order 112 in enacted, the current Prime Minister will take absolute command.

The One Army Measure of 2013 [CURRENTLY NOT ENACTED]

This act helps to combat the reliability of RPF Officers by making sure RPF Officers are full time RPF troops. The RPF views that there is no reason why the RPF couldn’t rely upon its troops, and especially its own officers. As of Monday, June 10th, 2013, all RPF Officers (Moderator) ranks and above (Second in Command and Leaders) are only allowed to be in the RPF. If a RPF troop is qualified for officer status, and does not qualify with the One Army Measure, they will not be advanced in rank. If a RPF Officer joins a secondary or tertiary army in a week, the RPF Officer will be demoted upon next Rank update.

10 comments on “Acts
  1. X says:

    First! 🙂

  2. X says:

    I think that there should be an act about putting control over to the soldiers in the event that the leaders become corrupt.

  3. owenjp says:

    I think I should be a leader too because I can be shy but determined when it is something important.

  4. […] as Order 112. For anyone who would like to read the clause, it can be found on the RPF Acts Page here. Basically, the clause states that in times of extreme unrest, the government of RPF is able to […]

  5. nick says:

    how can I become a leader
    ~~Snaily5 Edit: You can become leader by working hard and earning promotions, thus climbing the ranks. This is not such an easy task though and requires a lot of loyalty and dedication. You can earn promos by attending battles, showing great effort and attitude, being an active positive contributor in RPF Chat, visiting our web site every day and reading the latest posts and commenting on them, as well as helping out when needed with a variety of tasks, such as spying, etc. Through a lot of time, effort, attitude, dedication to RPF, you can climb the ranks to greatness of being a Rebel Commander in the Rebel Penguin Federation! 😀

  6. ayu says:

    i’m new to rpf so i want some directions .

  7. ultipenguinj says:

    You forgot to say that if you got permission from a 1ic, you could be in 2 armies.

  8. clubxlcboys says:

    Complete Guide And info for New and old troops 😉

  9. These acts are to be imposed when in emergency cases.

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