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Welcome to Hell!

Sorry. I hope I didn’t offend any fundamentalist Christians. In case you are one, consider Rowan Atkinson not suitable for yourself. I just used the title of a British sketch to get everyone’s attention, regardless of religious orientation. So …

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Oh my God, I love Piplup! Just look at that thing! That’s the most gangster bird I’ve ever seen! I love little birdy pokemon. In your opinion, do you prefer Piplup (top) or Torchic (Bottom). Submit your votes today! Creepy!

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No, Legos have nothing to do with this post. But its true that Legos are much better than Megablocks. And both of those are miles ahead of CockBlocks. Haha. Off brand stuff is always the worst. Anyway, I’ve been on

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Survey for Psychology

NOTE: For legal reasons, you may not put your name on these surveys. All questions must be answered completely. 1) Please state your name ______________________ 2) What is your favorite color? Red Blue Yellow 3) Your best friend just took

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Plato’s FAQs

This week I sit down with Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato to chat it up. Me: Plato, do you mind if I ask you a question? Plato: You just did didn’t you? Me: Okay, do you mind if I ask you

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Orgulan’s Weekly Post!

Now with Game Reviews and other stuff….   Borderlands! This Game will blow you mind!(In Stores Now.) This Title Scored an 8.5 With Gamespot. The Good Satisfying Gameplay. Tons of Weapons, Shields, and Helpful Crap This game has 3,166,880 Weapon Combinations

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