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Yes, We don’t have lives Commando. We just sit here all day and do nothing. We’re Busy too, We have lives, but I’ll make an effort to post at least once a Week. News- Magar, who stands 22 inches tall,

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Are you guys all idiots?

When I said “Post some more” didn’t mean “Lets not post anymore”. Seriously you guys, your killing me here. I have the least time to do stuff out of anybody, I have a reason for it. I mean come on,

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George Lopez: The Asshole

George Lopez George Lopez? Asshole? I’m sure that’s what your asking, in reality, hes not. But the real reality of it is that we got one hit from somebody typing that into Google. For that, I give that guy a

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hey, it’s me, Osprey here. I don’t know if many people here are fans of post-punk music but one post punk/post-hardcore band that I am a fan of is 30 Seconds to Mars. They burst onto the scene with their

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Welcome to My World!

I’ve been extremely busy too.  It seems nobody has time for this anymore, so We’ll have to pull off some kind of party/event everyone will come to. I’m just going to Post a couple of funny/Awesome Pictures and Call it a Post.

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Where Did He go?

Hey, I know! It’s amazing, I’ve been gone for a few weeks and Fere wont stop crying! what have I been doing? That’s top secret until Dick Cheney is dead [sorry 30 Rock, but i had to steal your joke

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Epic Fail

Ok, I take off for a bit because I’m busy living life right? Understandable. Of course. But then there’s the authors on this blog. Who assume they don’t have to post EVER. If I don’t see at least one post

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Dungeons and Crackheads

Good afternoon my adoring fans. My computer recently shut off, but I could hear you screaming my name from across the ocean. Especially you, Ziehen. Calm down, okay? This is life, not soccer. I have some… *budududum* NEWS! It’s all

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2012: Ownage Time

I mean that as in the movie way. But its also quite possible that everyone dies. Except Jamey. In 2012. Just take a look at this before I say anything else. That was the “Exclusive Scene”, I would have rated

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The stupidty./The follow up.

Really. We live in the 21st century and whatever you do there’s a good chance of you running into some one that has no common sense. I mean just the other day I was on Gaia(A forum/Virtual hang out place)

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