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News Today

This is more of a news yesterday thing, but whatever. So, I finally got my computer fixed! That’s right, FIXED! And I can finally start posting again! This is a good thing, especially for you, as your all just dying

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Tundra being invaded/Active Count

Tundra is being invaded by ST,RFW,IW,DW,and FGR. Something weird about UMA or whatever.Nachos should be defending Tundra, hopefully along with RPF,BB, and WW. Only thing that scares me is what UMA might be doing. Times : 1:00 PST               2:00

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An army without a chat declared war on us

Fiasco says : i don’t see a picture and i highly doubt one comment on each post will hlep you win We are having a war with RPF at 2:30 (Penguin standerd time) june 30 tuesday!  Stay fighting as long

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Josh is Retiring?

Josh retired. My retirement from all CP armies : Ya, well, mine is pretty much the same as most people in CP; I’m retiring because CP armies are on a course to destruction. Well, I also don’t really have anything

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Orgulan’s Before He Leaves for 2 weeks Post

Hello all! Orgulanwill be taking a vacation for 2-4 weeks, I don’t know yet. I will be traveling to places and probably not get to post or Chat… I know Furbur left me in Charge of Security and Espionage, but

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The Death Of My Internet Connection

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, guys. My internet is going all wakko, and there’s no way for me to communicate with you people when I can’t get online. So in the news, from what I’ve picked up

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Mammoth Bill thingy ma-bobber

The Mammoth Possession Bill was written because we, The Club Penguin Army Council, wanted to bring back the old war server, Mammoth. When people think back to “The Golden Ages”, they think of wars.  When people think of wars, the

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Orgulan’s Super Awesome Father’s Day Post!

World News! McCain a Critic? No! McCain think Obama Has “Done Well” So far as President, and his success in Congress has come with little Republican Support, but McCain also is critical of Obama for setting a date for closing

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To war or not to war. That is the question. And I’m leaving it up to RPF to answer. My reason for wanting war is as follows: We need something to do. They are threatening our allies, WW (From what

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Retirement of Worky!

Worky as been retired from RPF for some time now, but finally made the post. Actually i made the post but Worky wrote it. Nvm. Dear RPF Soldiers, I, Worky is resigning from my spot as Warlord. Its been a rough,

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