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New promos!

Known to be active count: 49 Blue = Known to be active Grey = Merged Army Greyblue = Merged army + known to be active Orange = Just Joined P = Just Promoted LEADER : Ender of Planets, Distributor of Real

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3ic command elections.

This just really to post the poll for 3ic elections. Why because i cant edit posts so i am forced to make a new post. <a href=””>Take my poll!</a> i hope that works if not this should. In other

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Taking Action.

If nobody else is going to do it, I will. We have been Invaded too much for me to sit here and keep my mouth shut. I’m tired of RPF being the “dead” army, RPF not being the Major Army

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It’s Official!!!

Hey RPF, The poll results are in! And it looks like besides RPF missions, people want to see the Club Penguin Newspaper being dissed! And also, the next highest votes were for “Other”, but I couldn’t see what people wrote

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This is a reminder. Yay ^_^. (Use these times over old times, as they are more updated.) Server Defence of Walrus What – Free Belly Rub Day A Server Defence of Walrus When – Sunday, September 6, 2009 Where –

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Something to keep everyone busy…

Hey RPF It’s Jcool again, I decided other than just making RPF missions, I thought of maybe making more then just those. Below is a poll, which you can vote on what I should post weekly other than RPF missions.

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I am holding a congress meeting tomorrow. TIMES:7:00est ,  6:00 CST, and  4:00PST WHEN: Saturday tomorrow  August 29Th WHY: We to talk about some things where  Half of congress must attend. P.s. After this term i am retiring in

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Greetings RPF Soldiers Everyone seems to be against us… Sergie and Ziehen started NRF. I’m going to let them be, unless they do anything against RPF. I am however going to give them a little fact check. Quote [Ziehen]: “It

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I am back and i plan to get things done

Ok if anyone saw my post i made on thursday last week you would have  seen I was vk and not all of u saw that post and thought I  became inactive in rpf time of need for members. As i

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Congress Meeting!

Dear CFP members and “guest viewers”, I am calling for a congress meeting today, which acting Head of Congress Bleumissy has approved. The purpose of this meeting is to get settled into Congress, to assign parties and fractions in the

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