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Comedy Never Fails

Hello, this is Grant42. I do not make those crazy transmissions, like some other folks. I just introduce myself, and I was just on chat with a few big RPF folks. They say that RPF keeps “””failing””” or “””falling””” because we

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Practice Battle

PRACTICE BATTLE RFW vs. RPF Server: Nothern Lights Date: Friday September 3rd Times: 8:30 PM EST 7:30 PM CST 6:30 PM MST 5:30 PM PST 2:30 AM UK

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Fjord Frenzy!

I’m pretty sure we’re invited to the Fjord Frenzy this year, so let’s show everyone how epic RPF can be when we have scheduled events. Server: Fjord Rooms: Anywhere you want to battle When: Sunday, September 5 Times: 11:00 A.M

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Well apparently you jerks decided to get 20+ active on the active check. So now I’m forced to throw you guys a party. D: PARTY ON TUXEDO Saturday, September 4th, 9/4/10 Pacific: 1:00 PM Moutain: 2:00 PM Central: 3:00 PM

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This is it!

Hello, my fellow soldiers of the UMCP, USRPF, WW, Elites, ACP, and MFW, With great dread, I Chaos42, announce my retirement, on this 29th day of the 8th month of the 10th year in the 21st century. It is because

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Defence of Sleet

Now I know there was already a large post about this with some sort of speech posted, but I wanted to make this one specific to Sleet. Men of RPF, we have come far from our small claiming of Frostbite.

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Permanent Banishment.

As Leader of the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation (U.S.R.P.F), i am banishing CasiusBrutus (and any alias belonging to him) from the U.S.R.P.F and the Army due to Treason. He has been trying to win round members of

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We are Victorious on Sub Zero

TO: RPF_SOLDIERS FROM:STARRK, MILITARY_HEAD_WARLORD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hai, Starrk here. Well, nothing much to say, IW failed as usual. Since the time was during a school day, both IW and RPF maxed on chat with around 10 people, and due to the

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Defense of the stuff

COMMENT ON THE ACTIVE COUNT BELOW! Hello people of the USRPF. We are once again, being invaded of the servers that we liberated from the USIW, from none other than, the USIW. They are invading all the servers that we

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Active Count!

PROMOTION DAY BELOW!!! Hey guys! This is your 3ic, Chaos, again. I noticed that we have lots of inactive troops on the ranks, so I am making this to get rid of those inactive troops. So, if you’re active in

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