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Debate Review | News Today

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was going to post until my computer started acting up. Well Im on now and might as well get on with the review and current news. – Debate Review – The debate went well,

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CP News / Debate Today

The new Newspaper came out today on CP.  Summary: Some parts recovered to save the mirgrator, still need to play Aqua Grabber, because they don’t have all of the parts. New books in the Book Room are delayed do to a specail twist. New lures are

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 There will be a debate tomorrow (Thursday) on RPF Chat. Commando will post the time once he makes one, he will also include the servers that the debate we be for.  ~ Kg 007 —————————————————————————————— Instead of making a new

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New Author

 YOLA, this is Kg 007. I’m a new author on this site. I will help update everyone about what’s going on in the world of RPF. Please check the post below to see Commando’s newest post.  ~ Kg 007

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Back | New Author

Yes I have been away for a while, and no its not because of Halo. Im almost never on, so stop beleiving Talyors lies or truths depending if he has a really laggy LIVE account. Anyway onto some of the things

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News Today | RGF

Yes Ive been particularly busy, busy with the Halo RPF|RGF Division. Ill tell you more about what were going to be doing with RPF but first onto News Today. – News Today – As you can see, RPF activity has

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So Long Self

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Hello public. I am Mr. Obvious, here to give you the state of the RPF address. I read Commando’s last post, and I understood something. We should expand. Turn this stupid “Penguin Army” into something elite. I have several names

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Debate Review | A Serious Consideration

 – Debate Review The debate was fierce, questions flying left and right for the three who showed. Kg007, Kman726, and Dragonninja. Dragon ended leaving early in the debate, which took effect at the voting in the end. It came close

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News Today

Ok Im going to try to get back on track, but with it half way through third quarter (at least for me). Things are getting tougher by the minute. That means more homework and that means I have to actually

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