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Why Vote Furbur27?

Greetings RPF member. After 13 full months of service in RPF I have proven time and time again that I am ready to lead.  If elected I will form a coalition to recruit and train new soldiers, and continue that

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Vote Jesus

Who else can make missiles appear in Commando’s igloo? It’s Jesus, Commando’s gardner! Vote Jesus as the next leader of RPF! His policies include: Giving the founders the respect they deserve Creating a more fair government Giving you all a

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Meeting Canceled

Well the open meeting is canceled, or I guess you could say postponed. It is postponed because I wont be here staurday. 😦 My parents like to do things spontaneously and apparently I’m going to my grandparents house in New

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Oagalthorp’s Wicked Situation Phrase

~Sergieh Find more of these on the “Fan Fiction” page on

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Extreme The Great’s Extreme Great Point

I found this comment interesting. And this basically answers it all, Oagal. Why is The Alliance mad at ACP? RPF’s reasons: -Waged war -Declared war -Was part of the Destroy RPF’s site plan -ACP destroyed heaps of agreements -Called RPF

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Open Meeting

I will be holding an open meeting for all RPF members this saturday. Where: RPF chat! ( Why: To talk about current issues. When: Saturday November 22, at 10:15 AM PST. I decided to have an open meeting so that

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Meeting Results

Ziehen Edit: I removed/revoked/”reformed” my signature from the Treaty until further notice! Well of course Ziehen has to go so I have to post the meeting results here. The Alliance discussed a few key topics: Mammoth Nations WWIV Mammoth has

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Allied Act Of 2008/Servers

The Allied Act wont only be an act that makes The Alliance official. It will soon serve as a new ANTA, with different policies soon to be decided. So far we have lived up to mostly what the previous document

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0 Stars for All

Dear RPF members, everyone of you will have 0 stars until tomorrow at 1 pm PST. This is due to your insubordinational behavior today at both battles. Follow my orders Never “prefer to follow” someone else’s orders instead of mine

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War Won! ACP’s Reign Is No More!

From a secret chat room The Alliance leaders are watching ACP disband into multiple fractions. With no clear answer to what they will be doing their nation is also gone. Mammoth is under Allied control. And we won the battle

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