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Fight The Good Fight

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Click HERE to see Monday’s Event
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Active Count

All RPF must comment or you will be removed from the Ranks

An active count is needed to find out how many troops in RPF are active. Our ranks page has become full of inactive troops, and it’s time to clean it up.

Answer these 3 questions:

1. What is your name on ranks?

2. Are you a US, UK or AUSIA troop?

3. How active are you on a scale of 1-10?

Copy and paste the above questions into a comment below. Any RPF who do not comment will be removed from ranks permanently.

Active count ends on Wednesday 26th February. Comment before then or you will be removed from Ranks.

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Top 10 Pic

Here is this weeks best RPF picture for top 10 armies.

Goal is #1 Next Week.

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Hunt and Kill [RESULTS]

Today’s hunt and kill event was huge! RPF had 35 troops log on to have fun with other armies throwing it back to a 2007 battle style.

This was another fantastic event. We had many armies join in like LT, UPA, DW as well as interested troops in Nachos and ACP. We were great today and got to show these armies what kind of power RPF can have. Keep up the great work!



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Just glad at the size we had!!!! Surprisingly astonishing size! 😀 😀

RPF's posts

Hey guys,I’m here with the results of today’s unscheduled recruiting+tactics session.Ausia Did Brilliant today I’m very happy,We maxed 8-9 troops.We did some tactics and some recruiting phrases,You can see some pics below.













Logging off,


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Site Update… Update


So the transfer finally went through, and it’s definitely acting differently as to what I thought would happen. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I believe I’ve figured out this problem. Just wanted to say that is going to start redirecting you to a site with nothing on it some time today.

In theory anyway.

If it doesn’t and that link keeps taking you to the blog, I’ll punch a few cogs, throw away a few gears, and break something.

– Commando717

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Over 100 of you commented on that active count so far. 

I have never seen an army get that many comments on an active count in my life, yet alone in such a short amount of time. IW’s active count has been up for like a week and only has 60 comments. Lol. RPF you are #1, each one of you makes this army #1 remember that. If it weren’t for you we’d be nothing, NOW LET’S RISE!!!!!!! RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF RPF ; make sure to log-in for each event you can so we can be #1! Oh and we have a lot planned for the future so stick around and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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RPF vs DCP [Practice Battle Results]

Comment if you attended!

Today we had a good practice battle, we fought our brother allies the Doritos and both armies did great. At first it seemed DCP was going to win by a lot but somehow RPF managed to pull through. Like 15-20 minutes before battle RPF chat only had 25 troops and DCP had 40+. We didn’t let that discourage us though, and we kept pushing forward. By the time battle started both armies had equal chat sizes of 40+. RPF did great logging on and fought very well in the battle. We maxed a size of 38-40 which is much more than I expected, we are certainly on a good path. We will rise. Here are some pictures from the battle:


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WINNERS for the Valentine’s Day (Lil Giveaway!) REVEALED

These were the contestants:

I put them in name picker so that each person had an equal chance of winning and it was random.

Contestants 1 Contestants 2

And the winners are…

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Our future

Alright so I underestimated you. Well not really I know you’re all great :P. Anyways, from the active count comments so far I have learned RPF is much bigger and more active than I first thought. That’s really good and it’s crazy cause we’re only going to get better. I am also looking forward to fixing the ranks once this active count is over so everyone will be happy and receive the rank they deserve. Some people are highest member and should be officer, others are low members and should be somewhere in the high member ranks but aren’t because some inactive people are holding the rank. That will change because anyone who didn’t comment will be taken off the RPF ranks so RPF can be a greater experience for us all. Also another thing. I assure you that we have plans to evolve into something great. CP Armies is just our beginning. I cannot say anymore about this topic at this current time but just know if you think RPF is awesome now it’ll be like a million times more awesome in the coming months. 

Until then, waddle on!

Fight the good fight.

Oh and while I’m here: RPF is the best at performing tactics/formations in battle, I have never seen anything like it before. 

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