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Recruiting and Training Sessions

Edit: New Stuff! Check out the RPF HQ web browser, it has the chat, Club Penguin, and even a RPF Flash Game in it. Ashes’s Edit: tuxedo can be the server. For UK soldiers it is at 9:00 BST

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So yeah starting JUNE 28th I’ll be on a break from CP Armies ’cause of vacation and won’t be back from vacation until like JULY  29th so that’s all. Carry on. ~Chapa23

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The role of a 2ic…

I have been noticing recently the lack of people who understand what a 2ic is for, including other 2ic’s. I have decided to list some things that the role of a 2ic is for. Making Decisions. A 2ic is there

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EDIT: THE MAMMOTH DEFENSE BATTLE WILL NOW BE ON SERVER SNOW FORT, ALL THE OTHER INFORMATION APPLIES. So there’s a whole bunch of battles ACP is in so uhhh here’s the schedule. And credit goes to ACP. Brumby is being

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ACP: Brother In Arms

United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation (USRPF) ALPHA PRIORITY TRANSMISSION: 1800-O39 Encryption Code: Red Public Key: file /Alpha-Bravo-India-Alpha/ From: Omega39 of the Rebel Penguin Federation To: All RPF servicemen Subject: ACP: BROTHER IN ARMS Classification: Declassified (O39 Directive) /start file/ According to Flame’s poll,

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Where: Mammoth Date: Saturday, June 26th, 2010 Room: Snow Forts Times: 12:00 PM PST 1:00 PM MST 2:00 PM CST 3:00 PM EST 8:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) If you come you are eligible for a promotion on the

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The war is over

After a long fight between Omega and Tomb, tomb came to the conclusion that “RPF leaves NW alone, NW leaves RPF alone” so uh yeah they leave us alone and war is over. So we have Tuxedo we’re done for

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To help or not to help is thy question.xD

Should we help PW (pepsi warriors) and other armies take down ACP?

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RPF Recruiting Session #1

Well the RPF Recruiting didn’t go too bad, but I think we can do better. Here’s the pics. I do hope tomorrow’s recruiting session goes better. If you have any other pictures give me the link on a comment on

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Busy week

Chapa’s edit: Keep this post stickied please. Osprey Edit: billions of posts. THe epic pics from Friday are now on the next page so I’m just sticking one in here cause I want  the world to see. Hey guys. We’ve

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