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Promotion Day!

Well Im back! Like I said, there was going to be a surprise. Promotion day, which you have all waited a month for his finally here. Along with new ranks and a new system to keep RPF more organized. Before

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Im going to be busy for a little bit, lots of homework and what not. But when I get back I have a surprise. (Just because you probably know what it is dosnt mean you have to give everybody else the

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300,000 Hit Party Review|New Ranking System

– 300,000 Hit Party Review I have to say, this was the 100,000 hit party yet. The first 100,000 hit party was small due to the size of RPF, the 200,000 hit party was in this small peace period during

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Reminder | UMA

– UMA You guys misinterpreted it, when I said UMA was gone. Im talking about the UMA RPF knew and wanted gone. Those UMA are gone, the UMA now are still here but they are in a small number. See

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News Today

– RPF News RPF has fought long and hard battles through WWIII, we had to accept an alliance to stop the warring in CP. For so long now we have waited. From this day all armies accept the fact that

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Tundra Clearing a Success|Club Penguin News Part 2

Great job everyone! Expect Promotion day to be sooner because of this! The clearing went well as we arrived 30 mins early and cought any army looking for trouble of guard. There really wasnt that many things happening, besides a

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Tundra Clearing

Dont forget everybody! The Tundra clearing is TODAY, as of this post, of the time it was posted, it is an HOUR away. So if you guys want to start meeting up on Tundra now that would be great. Everybody

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Commanda717’s TV Movie: Enter the Mongoose

Unexpected it is, as I worked on part 3 of the Commanda series Taytay606 has been working on Commanda’s TV Movie. This is the first part of it, the story isnt over. – Commando717 Another post coming soon!

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Operation Tundra Clearing|News Today|Club Penguin News

Ok the first point of news I want to focus on is: Whos the RPF lackeys attacking our ally MC (Marine Corps)? Ive been receiving reports from us saying that RPF members are attacking them due to unauthorized entry even

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Back in Buisness <[Black]

all ACDC refrances aside, is back in buisness. Go here if you like to laugh. If you don’t, then go eat at planet hollywood, then go here anyways so it gets a lots and lots of views <object width=”300″ height=”290″><param

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