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I havnt been on lately due to school starting up in 5 days for me.  So if much hasnt been happening in the R.P.F. this is because I havnt been able to get on. Also the new website is on

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The Truth

As most of you already know ACP has a threat of a rebellion and all kinds of other small armies are not going to give up until the many armies break up their alliances, theyre trying to destroy us, THEY

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R.P.F. Support E-mail

I have made a new email for R.P.F, if you have any questions or concerns please email: – Commando717

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Shorty921’s Retirment Party

Shorty921 is having a retirment party, heres the party information: Shorty921’s Retirement Party!!!!   When: This Friday   Where: The Upstairs And Downstairs Of The Nightclub On Mammoth   Time: 200 PST to 400 PST Dont forget to come! –

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Hocky team players, coaches, and refs.

Well after reading all these posts these are the people who made the team Hocky team, all players coaches and refs must post a comment here to prove they are active, and also their email adresses or an AIM adress

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Code Blue

Attention all armies that ‘fight the good fight’, I am issuing a Code Blue. Appernetly the UPR is an army that claims it is large, and they claim to have the metaphorical doomsday device. I do not feel that they

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Like sports? Like CP? Well, I’m organizing a New RPF Hocky Team and A RPF swim team, If any ones intrested we need 6 swimmers 8 hocky players ( I know the hocky team is short but were not going to

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Rogue U.M.A – Not a Threat

Rogue UMA are no threat to us, they are small and week. They try to threaten the R.P.F. blog threw comments, but they do this because they want intimidate us. Rogue UMA are incredibly dumb since they didnt even make up their

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A F.U.N Pic…

This picture is F.U.N. in a twisted way…   F.U.N.= F is for fire that burns down the whole town U is for uranium bombs N is for no survivors… Don’t get mad, It’s just a joke and its all in good F.U.N….

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Marine Update

The commander of the marines is Kman, and co commander is dragonninja. The marines are a special force, but they are not another branch. If you would like to join the marines you can comment under this post. The marines

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