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Hello guys! I know you’ve all wait a long time for these, now we have them! PROMOS! Note: Names in red was promoted by Fiasco, the ones with parentheses Chapa23 I promoted. RPF Premier (Max.2)- Lord Karakoran, Lord Chapa23 2nd in

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Headers Contest

Ok due to the large number of headers people are making for us, we will redo the header the contest, Butch you can make a new header for the contest if you like, The header contest will end on the

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Important Tournament Battle

2nd Edit: THE TOURNY IS TODAY SATURDAY 5TH OF FEBRUARY, TIMES ARE SAME(But we were notified in less than 24 hours of the change, so Idk) And were also allies with tacos now. Cewan Edit: Josh, meet me on chat

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Ma’at, or Maat, was an Egyptian philosiphy that united success and perfect harmony could be achieved. But it could not be achived by simply worshiping a specific God, eatting a food – rather it could only be achieved if ever

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Recruiting Week 1 Results

Chapa’s edit: Since Im annoyed with the “Robber Penguin Force” stealing our initals and making threats, we may just easily murder them. It will be impossible for me to make wednesdays, so somebody else has to do this. Day 1

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The end of IW War/War on TG

Okay so we have agreed both IW and RPF for peace, All the servers claimed by both IW and RPF will be shared(For Parka, each army owns 33% due to CPC’s share and RPF and IW will split the 1%

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Invasion of Christmas: A Tie

Hello, people of RPF. Well, after 2 hours of fighting on Club Penguin, the winner is… no one. Tie.   We averaged about 25 people at our battle. Here’s the pics: The lords are considering an alliance with the IW.

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Chapa’s 2nd edit: VOTE ME ON THE POLL FOR BEST SMALL/MEDIUM ARMY LEADER Chapa’s edit: Ok since we got peace with IW, these invasions are canceled. Any servers previously both own it will now share them. Ok bye.  ❗ Defence of

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Sleet… Has Been Liberated!

Hello, fellow mighty. Sleet is now liberated. I was not able to make it to the battle, so I do not have any pics. xP If you have any pictures of today’s battle, please upload them to Photobucket and comment

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The Time of Reconstruction

Ok RPF lately has turned now what I see is chaos. ACP joining RPF because Oagal joined. Rank Trouble. Unupdated Information. No longer will this be standed for. All wars and foreign affairs will be on standby and due to limit of time

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