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Recruiting Sessions

RPF, many of us dislike the current state we are in. I included would like to see RPF rise up to dominance once more. However there are steps we must take to begin this reconquest. First, we will rally men

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Tourny Results/Lords Meeting/Chat/Recruiting

 Edit: Okay I am furious. No one is ever on chat. So if anyone wants a promo GET ON CHAT. I am sad to say this but there will be several demotions. GET ON CHAT AND RECRUIT IF YOU WANT

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A Complete History of Everything You Ever Need to Know About RPF (In a Post WWIII World)

Chapter 1: The Beginning RPF was invented. The invention served a single purpose; destroying the UMA. RPF’s greatest hour when UMA was defeated kickstarted the identity crisis of the next 3 and a half years. In 2007 we were the

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Tacos Of CP VS Rebel Penguin Federation Saturday, Feb. 26th  1pmPST (Penguin Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time) 2pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) 3pm CST (Central Standard Time) 4pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) 9pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, UK)   Although I

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The Following is a Post Containing WORDS – Want a new car?

internet, icicle, intro, instant, igloo, ike, ivy, all of those words begin with the letter I. So does the word I train, technuiqe, theory, tapeoca, talent, tricycle, thyme, tyranesoraus, all of those words start with the letter T. So does

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Return of Flameguy36

Hey guys remember me? I used to be RPF 2ic. well Im back. Someone make me an editor. Thanks

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Hello RPF!  It’s Flappy112 here, and recently at our last practice battle we pulled a number of just 5 penguins. Is this who we really are?  Is this all we have? The answer is…NO!  We need to show what we

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Governor Elections/Active Count

Osprey Edit: Chapa im unstickying this. I think we should focus on gaining new soldiers not counting the ones we have. The reason should be obvious 2nd EDIT: I NEED ALL RPF MOD RANKS AND OWNER RANKS ON CHAT TODAY

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For Rizzle?

Hey guys, bet you didn’t think you’d hear from me again, eh? Well, I’m not what you’d call back, and I know I’ve made a billion promises to get on chat more BUT I TRY MY BEST DAMMIT! Not really,

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The Golden War/Government/Headers/Chat/Lords Meeting

Kara Edit: Heil dir im Siegerkranz 2nd Edit: Karak edit this post if your still checking the site and please, schedule some events and make some posts. Sergie’s Edit: MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE RUNESCAPE PAGE, if not alot

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