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R.P.F Wins Again!

We just got back from an assault on the UMA that we won! We took over the coffee shop and helped the Roman’s from being attacked. General Elmikey took some photos of the battles take a look.  

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Calling in The UEA and DACO

We have concluded that the information that silverburg provided for us is confindental information at the moment but any UEA and DACO memebers(the special branch of the RPF memebers) please email to recieve a letter of what is happening,

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Party for the War!

We are hosting a party at Elmikey’s igloo on Saturday at 5 cp time, you must attend to get your medals for some of our victorious. All the greatest R.P.F members will be there including warlord commando717, general Elmikey, and

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Reinforcements have Arrived

We just got our back up troops in today and we practicly wiped mammoth of the server selection map. LoL the UMA had no chance and we just got back too, this has been our biggest secret assault ever and

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Paratrooper’s on Stand by

We have now put together parties of paratroopers to dive in right on the battle field for reinforcements. Here’s a picture of one landing in the forest.

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Air Force Helicopter’s Ready

 Rules for this site. Rule 1 no copying and pasteing pictures without giving the RPF credit. Rule 2 do not say anything offensive on this site. Rule 3 do not ADVERTISE on this site. Those are the 3 rules you must follow to

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Roman’s Ambush U.M.A

The RPF has received word that the Romans are ambushing the UMA in all of mammoth, the romans have defiantly won this i went there my self to see. “Aaaaaah!! there’s to many!” One UMA soldier says. The RPF must

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R.P.F Air Force

The RPF air force is going  to be assembled soon this will provide air strikes any where and paratroopers, here’s the ranks for the air force… General(highest) commander-paratrooper sergeant-bomber private pilot

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New Technology’s

The RPF and the CP navy are researching new technology devices for battle use, i cant tell you all of them because its confidential information. See this stuff soon it should be available by the next battle. Check out one of these

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U.M.A Retreats?

You got that right UMA retreated after they thought they won, RPF  came in with full support when they where retreating for some reason, first of all if your going to ambush somewhere its usually to take over instead UMA did a

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