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Visitor Turnout: September 2008

Dear RPF members, thanks to a feature of the “Overview Screen” of WordPress administrators, I have access to the visitor statistics for this blog. In the month of September 2008, we got 24,268 views. That is 6,680 views below August’s

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Re: A Suggestion.

Hello, this is King Ziehen, 2 star Airforce Warlord and Branch Leader of the Airforce. I am directly affected by Lpg123’s suggestion to stop using independent Blogs for Branches, and adding pages onto this blog. Reasons for my personal objection:

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A Suggestion.

Hello, just me Lpg 123 again. Sergie717, with your new sites for the various RPF branches. I know that most people won’t visit the sites because personally I would just rather visit one particular site (rpfrulers), so l am suggesting

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Resetting the Branches

Currently, the R.P.F. branches are all messed up. People are trying to figure out which site to look in, well today is your lucky day. I, Sergie, am proposing King Ziehen, Lpg123, Nielsenkc, and Furbur 27 to burst into action.

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[U.S.]R.P.F. Senate

Dear RPF members, after 177 votes in about 1 day and 16 hours, the new [U.S.]R.P.F. Senate has been decided by the people in a fair, democratic election: 1. King Ziehen 31 votes =2. Bobliosenior 25 votes =2. Jedimaster17 25

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Protected: Spirit Party!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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[Political] Structures of R.P.F. and U.S.R.P.F.

Dear RPF members, I have sensed that I should re-explain the [political] structures/systems of the R.P.F. and U.S.R.P.F.; how they are similar and how they differ. The R.P.F. [Army] is considered a Social Democracy. Not exactly by definition, but it’s

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Practice Battle Reminder

I just thought I should remind all of you about the practice battletomorow, here is the info:   Where: Tundra, dojo When: Saturday September 27, 2008 (AD) Time of Day: 10:00 AM PST Who: Air Force and Marines (wearing red)

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Operation Talking Lamas

Operation Talking Lamas is a top secret event coming soon. Please stand-by for further instructions given by Ziehen. Talking Lamas. Lol. -Sergie (RPF Second In Command)

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Add Some Laugh To Your Lives

UPS Airlines Just in case you need a laugh: Remember it takes a college degree to fly a plane, but only a high school diploma to fix one; a reassurance to those of us who fly routinely in our jobs.

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