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RPF Practice Battle!

Be prepared for the RPF Practice Battle which will be held on Parka tomorrow. In this post I will list a number of battle tactics and information about the battle- so keep reading! Red                                                          Blue         Vs.     Red RPF Uniform                    Blue RPF

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News Today

I hoped everyone was happy with their promotions, I know some weren’t but thats a whole other story. Well anyway some of you didnt read the Promotion Day post fully. If clearly stated that everybody in the RPF army got

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Promotion Day!

Its here everybody! And not only that, Im trying something new this time. But first lets get on with the assigning of Warlords and Head Generals. Below is the UPDATED ranks. Leader- Commando717 2nd in Command- Elmikey , Rocket Ems

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RPF Hockey

Yes Now that we have all of our Governors we are starting USRPF Hockey Each State will be asked to have a Hockey Team. Onece you make the team go to and Join. If you want to join a team

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News Today

– Tundra Report – Tundra lies in ruins as the practice battles come to a halt. “Im surprised that it got this out of hand!” one Tundra citizen says. The battle was originally supposed to be in one room, but

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RPF: We Rock!

Now, here’s the dealio! The RPF rock, and I want to know a little about ppls! Our themesong is Fight the Good Fight, and our battle call is We’re Not Gonna Take It. Lets here some suggestions on other songs

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RPF Vs. Watex Warriors – WON!

RPF won a hour an a half battle, it was tireing. Now Ill announce how we did it but I wont reveal the army battle plans. Well as the others started their battles else where, RPF started in the cove

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Battle Tactics

We need some tactics, because yesterdays battle was a mess untill we organized ourselfs in the plaza and snow forts. Well anyway heres some things that you should know for the battle: – DO NOT COME EARLY – This is

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RPF Vs. Watex Warriors – A DRAW!

The practice battle lasted for over a hour! It was huge, and yes Oagal was right. An epic. The Watex Warriors brought a good fight, RPF was equal. Even though alot of the battle there are more Watex Warriors than

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War Plans

Oagalthorp has divised a plan, It seems that I agree with him alot but its true. His plan is well thought out. Heres the plans: (Copied from ACP site) So far we predict the Watex Warriors will control the Dock,

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