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Commando is “Back in Black”

Today on December 31, 2008 at 8:15 PM PST, Commando has been announced Leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation once again.  He has one by default, due to Dragon and Furbur pulling out early. Commando the chair is fixed, so

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Canidate Party

Dear RPF members, n00bs, and other beings, I have arranged a party for the canidates that participated in the RPF elections: Commando717, Dragonninja0, and Furbur27 on at 8:00 PM PST. Everyone is invited: RPF, ACP, Nachos, UMA, IW, WW, RBAA,

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The RPF Awards Show!

Attention everyone! We’ll be having……. AN AWARD CERAMONY! Hooray! That’s awesome, right? No? Well, nobody was asking you. I remember TomY’s old polls, but I think he got sucked into a black hole, so RPF will be handling it! Who

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The Not So Old Days

Greetings RPF Soldiers   Summer 2008 was not a good time for CP armies in general, ACP, RPF, and UMA nearly fell (more?). The newly revived golds also fell, and WW went into a sort of civil war,then became inactive

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Ok, Wii Mountain asked me to post this, and I think it should be good because no one else has organised a RPF party. (All copied from the WW site) Reminder: Just a reminder, about the New Years eve lineup

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WWFF Reminder

Greetings RPF Soldiers   I just checked the UMA website and apparently we’re signed up for the WWFF (World War for Fun). So here is the info:   Times Pacific:3:00 pm Mountain:4:00pm Central:5:00pm Eastern:6:00pm Server:Sherbet,AND fjord Room:EVERYWHERE! It is two

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New RPF Chat

Omega has approved of this, and I feel it is necessary. With the passing of a leader, we must create a new chat, so not to create another situation like that of the one the ACP got into. So, I

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The Official Poll

Dear RPF members, I do not believe that Polldaddy should be used to host this election. It is very glitchy and adds and removes votes. So I have made a new poll: You can vote there. This poll will

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Election is a Go

Servus, I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. However, now comes the time to vote for a new democratic USRPF President. Yes, the emphasis rests on this election being for the head of government position; not “Leader” – it sounds too autocratic.

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New Leader to come? NOT RESIGNING YET

Dear RPF members, you accuse me of tampering with the Constitution, of hindering the people’s will, of not giving the Founder “his privileges”. Three very severe and disappointing accusations. Well, you have your final will. I request that you cut

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