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We Are One

After countless hours of arguments, and debates, we have finally come to an agreement. The Federation. Is now one once more. RM (Rebel Militia) the so called “rebels” name, they have decided to reunite with The Federation and form a

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NO more Rebel Militia

Well in the end, the arguing and the bickering was really sophmoric. We just decided to be friends and move on. So all of the RM will come back to their old ranks, well, for a little while anyway… ~

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Guys, Guys, Its me Sergie and I got a funny thing to tell you guys that happened to me. I was babysitting like 3 kids from a Mcenzie family or something. I was reading the Three Little Pigs story to

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The Dealio

Ok, well it looks like the meatbags who actually play club penguin went out and decided to make another RPF site. All because I didnt let Kg have the option to delete RPFrulers. Well lets see how the new site

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Spain is UEFA European Champion 2008!

If you are interested keep reading… Germany-Spain 0-1 (0-0) Goals: Fernando Torres 33′ Shots: 4 (1)-13 (7) Possession: 52-48 (%) Championships won: GER-1972, 1980, 1996/ESP-1964, 2008 Conclusion: Spain has been the most constant playing team of this tournament, and the

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In case you were wondering, the site, THIS site, was nearly destroyed by Snakecommander, Tommer, and Flameboy. I have removed them as members of the blog, and will be removing them from The Federation in a matter of days. It

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New RPF Hockey Team

The Golds and ACP are making army making hockey teams for all large armys, We are so in. We need 5 Players, and 5 subs. If u want to join, u must be very decicated o the team. Subs will

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Get Some Respect

To those of you who think my posts are pointless, do you see anything else to report about? Do you see anything else happening? Has something really important happened on CP yet, or between the armies? No, so what is

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The Unexpected of the Expected

Well, my Vacation is so far going very well, I finally met Alex Chilton on GTA 4 and I will be going on a date with my real girlfriend Carly, in five days. All I can give you on my

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Operation BETA is a go!

Well i talked to KG, Taytay, and dragon about the federation website and we decided to because we all like the idea and a majority of the votes said yes. Now all we need is commandos permission and then me

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