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RPF- Far From Over!

Today, the RPF ( Rebel Penguin Federation ) got on Club Penguin and got some very impressive numbers. The RPF showing their still alive with the tactic. “RPF is Back” RPF Recruiting at Town while spamming.  “JOIN RPF” RPF finally went to

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Updated Nation(Put on USRPF Page)

A lot of information about these “Shared” servers is incorrect. Look back at old posts from last summer to get a more accurate picture of what servers RPF owns. RPF does not share anywere near this many servers. Don’t rely

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To Owners and Moderators, and Branches are back!

READ THE INVASIONS POST BELOW There will be a ranks change, and it will be changed as follows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leaders- Starrk, Furbur27 2nd In Command- ATM23, Hurricanex1, Jcool 57* —–Owner Line—– Silver General- Super Paco24 Head Warlords- Klimster, Khimo Warlords-

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Tundra Union

Hello, my name is Johnhancoff, Coff for short. Many of you may know me from the past. I joined Club Penguin War during November 2006 and I’m surprisingly still around here today but I’ve had many returns. Anyways here is

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Cewan Edit:  Chapa, I like what you’re doing, and that you are taking action, but we are not looking to invade our nation that vastly.  We’ll be invading Ice Cream, but otherwise, we’re having PB’s to improve our popularity. Now

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Today is a day to remember!!! We successfully took  Half Pipe from the Tacos!!! Thank you everyone for coming! There will be promotions!!! Here are the pictures: *Large Picture One – Click to view* *Large Picture Two – Click to

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Protected: Blow Up The Outside World

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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