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Reputation Growing

This is me, your temporary Head Warlord, Sergie717. I just came on Bbbbrrrr’s account today. I thought of seeing how the reputation is with RPF in Mammoth. I started to chant, “RPF RPF RPF” in the dojo. Here are the

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well the only reason i was sticking around was for the hope to become leader, at this poin im just gonna give up on that goal. and so i will be retiring rpf, but continue being the rwf leader, here is

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Some bold actions to improve the situation

Dear RPF members, after reading the latest post from 13mmetivier, I have decided to demote 13mmetivier (Dragonninja0) to Warlord for: using RPF authority to punish RPF members without adequate reasons using RPF authority to solve RPF relationships with other RPF

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Server Governor Elections

Dear RPF members, the minimum amount of candidates per server election is 2. Only 3 server elections have at least 2 candidates, so it is time to start voting on those 3! We need more at least 1 more candidate

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Situation with IW/Nachos, etc.

Dear RPF members, (from the greeting you should know the author) the situation has been solved with Nachos. After long explanations, the Nachos now deem helping the IW in a possible war against RPF unnecessary. Strange enough, the IW don’t

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Ranks and Invasion

Dear RPF members, first of: please take a look at the new ranks (yes, this is the FINAL reformation for August) on the ranks page. I have deleted the Chiefs of Branches rank, and therefore we finally got enough Generals

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ACP Dies

So it’s come to this. ACP is dead, as far as I am concerned. Aside from KG007 and Shaboomboom being the leaders, half of the ACP have left to form a different army. They are back to the days of

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Warriors, Come Out To Play-yay

The Aqua Warriors have declared war on us. This comes to me as a hilarious moment in RPF history. You see, the Aqua Warriors have decided to go to war with us. This matter would be taken seriously, except if

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Fan Fiction: Disaster on the Ice Rink

Created by Sergie717, Remember kids! Anything can happen when Oagalthorp is around!

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The New Leader Of ACP

Congratulations, KG007, on winning the ACP elections. At least it wasn’t Shaboomboom, who has been taking lessons in edict from Dreamgutiar. Now, I thought that KG007 quit the RPF because he was too old for it, but I guess he

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