Fight the Good Fight…

Yes, I havent been on in a long time. Its because of various reasons. Plus Im not into CP any more. Yes.. I know what your thinking. Im a jerk now like all the other leaders leaving with not much of a good bye. In fact I think the same way, but see, CP isnt a place for me anymore. Its time to retire, I cant keep this up. My mission is simply done, my idea when I first joined the game was to form and army and crush the super powers- Well, particularly UMA, lead by Pink Mafias. Yup, that mission succeeded. Been there, done that. And since the mission is over, its time to move on. I didnt have a clue that RPF was going to last this long, are become this big. Never knew that I would be friends with “the” Oagalthorp either. Or even get to know “the” Mpenguin.

And then becoming “the” Commando. Who lead one of the greatest armies Club Penguin has ever seen. It revolutionized the point of armies, it showed that anything can be accomplished. I remember when the RPFwas only a soldier less army on a site with no views. It took at least two weeks to start getting members, some of the first were Taytay606, Joojooman, RPFspy, Gregorey. All legends. Later on, Elmikey, Kona, Rocket Ems, Kman, Kg007. And many more that I forget the names of and apologize of their reading this(lol).

Well I came here and did what I wanted to do, Rock the Face of Club Penguin. We have had a long ride RPF, now its time to say goodbye. From this day forth, 4/18/08, will be known as the day Commando717 retired.

I thank everyone who joined the RPF, and fought the good fight in WWIII and so on. And I thank the great allies that we had and all of my good friends.

-Oagalthorp                                          2194141111 RPF Inc Where we hide our funds


-Rocket Ems




-and many many more.

Now your probably asking yourself, whos going to lead? Well for the CP branch of things Kg007 is going to start taking over all operations. For Runescape, Dragonninja0 will continue to run operations. For Halo, in the months after this post.. I may come back to direct that branch. Other wise for now, you can do what ever Kg. Yah, Kg will be running the site- but dont think that I cant post lol. Oh yeah, I would likeKg, the Warlords, and the Head Generals, all running the RPF. My vision for the armies future was to have the Warlords and Head Generals help to run it. I never did accomplish that. So I hope in the future we will.

This is it everyone, Long Live Freedom, Long Live RPF, and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

Always.. Fight the Good Fight

– Commando717

Taytay Edit:

Hello my friends. I know that over the… not even a year… makes you think… anyways, I know that over the not-even-a-year you guys have come to know, and hate me! I just want to say that I am sorry for all of those times that I was a total arse for face. Seriously you guys. Now that my best friend has decided to call the greatest internet scam/ army on club penguin quits, I just wanted to tell you all that I am sorry. I will still go on chats, and you can talk to me, but I do deeply apologize for all the times I was a jerk and am going to be a jerk.Yes, I am still going to be a jerk sometimes. Deal with it. Anyways, I would also like to take this time to point out that I never actually quit RPF. As you may not know, in the even of Commando leaving, I assume full responsibility for RPF. I do not want that responsibility. That is why I apologize to KG007 for being a jerk, and give him the rightful position of leader of RPF. Commando and I will still do occasional posts, but seeing this all end is really sad. IT really is. It’s like seeing a child die. Commando and I spawned this creation from his basement, and I never knew it would branch out so much. I will deeply miss this power, and I hope none of you forget me. I will always remember you as the kind people you were before the hazy, deathly winter came about. I will always remember… the RPF.

-Taytay606, Lay it on the Line

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115 comments on “Fight the Good Fight…
  1. tra leader nielsenkc says:

    1st on the best post on command i will miss u from nielsenkc satules well that a first lol

    Commando717: *Salutes

  2. Tidle Fin says:

    Sorry, but it’s about time, since you once made us wait a week until you finally posted….
    You remember me fighting in WWIII right? CAUSE I DID!! Ask rocket ems, I did!

    And so the new generation begins…

    Commando717: Yah I havent been on much, and yes I do remember you in WWIII. *Salutes

  3. *plays taps*

    Commando, you will be long remembered by Club Penguin.


  4. Coconutmad says:

    i solute you commando. you were a great leader. goodbye.


    Commando717: *Salutes

  5. Papa Zou says:

    Dear Commando,

    From the day I joined RPF i knew i made the right choice. You will be missed. I would have never guessed that a strong, brave leader would ever retire bu i guess it was for the best. Commando, from a friend, an admirer, YOU have made the biggest impact on CP, RPF, RGF, RWF, and many armies. On behave of everyone, we are all inspired by you. Commando you will be missed and this is my last salute.


    – Papa Zou

    Commando717: That.. was a GREAT comment lol *Salutes

  6. i hate to see you go but it would have to happen someday. *Salutes*

    Commando717: *Salutes

  7. Kg 007 says:

    Commando, thanks for everything. I could have joined any army and I joined RPF, from the moment I did I thought it was the right thing to do, although there were twists and turns, bumps and bruises, I got to where it was today by being driven to my full potential by a great leader. *Salutes.*

    PS: Can I be an admin, or at least and editor on the site, so I can update more stuff?

    Commando717: *Salutes, you are one of the best RPF has ever had, and yah Im going to put you as an editor. Not admin, its for the safty of the site.

  8. Talyor455 says:

    commando u forgot me and also i think there should be a voting for leader. CAUSE ME AND GREG AND KG BEEN HERE FOREVER AND EVER.And plus im kinda the oldest rpf now still in ask greg and kman.I salute u commando for all the time u spent with us and halo lol.remember on halo im cenar4 lol

    Commando717: Well I cant remember everybody, I type at 95 words per min. Its hard to remember what I just wrote! lol *Salutes

  9. Orgulan says:

    You have been THE greatest leader ever…
    You have brought some of us peace and something to do…
    You Have Been a great inspiration to me…
    With That I Salute you and wish you the best of luck..

    Commando717: *Salutes All these speeches have been so touching ='[ lol

  10. blak mafias(5 star general)a.k.a(CEO of RPF inc.) says:

    you have been a great leader to me, and my fellow brothers in arms. It is so sad to see people leave rite now. I personaly dont think your a jerk. But commando, i hope you can fight the good fight in everything that you do. I will make sure that your name (commando717) will never be forgoten untill i retire also. You will be credited with takeing down the most feared leader in all of cp Pink Mafias. You will also be remmeberd as a friend, leader, buddy, destroyer, and the list goes on for miles. But the real thing is… I hope that you will do good in life.

    (Plays taps on trumpet)
    (Start Salute)
    That is all
    -Blak Mafias
    (End Salute)

    Commando717: *Salutes, Fight the Good Fight Blak Mafias

  11. Papa Zou says:

    ha ha i had tha best comment!!! lol

  12. terryking24 says:

    NO DONT GO!!!!!!!!!*CRIES* DONT DO IT WE LOVE U!!! LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will miss u commando *salutes*

    Commando717: Rofl, dont worry I will be on now and then, *Salutes

  13. terryking24 says:

    wow blak that was touching

  14. Nick says:

    I would like to salute you like the rest Commando

  15. Mmble05 says:

    Its been an honor sir. *salutes* I got to know you sir, and let me say, you were a GREAT leader. Goodbye sir! Carry on!

    Fight The Good Right`


    Goodbye old friend!

  16. wii mountain says:

    Dude I will always miss you. I know we never really talked or anything but i knew when we needed help, you would be right behind my back helping the WW, and other great allies. I know that its going to be tough to be knowing your gone, and we will always remember. And before you know it, you will be on one of those, “Where are they now” shows.

    eats ice cream to try to make me feel better
    gains 1100 pounds
    remembers commando forever!

  17. Tidle Fin says:


    Anyways, you were indeed the greatest leader an army or troop could ever have. But let it be known this marks the 2nd generation, and we will have stories to tell to new troops. Which will be awesome. I salute you Commando, for any soldiers, rpf, uma, acp, anything, will have to admit you were the best leader.

    Weird how The Last Post was more popular than this, seeing as ogalathorp WAS the most hated leader… I mean they got 20,000 hits from people checking back to see if the last post was made! Lamos. Bye! 😀 😀 😀


  18. Noil Man says:


  19. Zarley says:

    *salutes* Good Bye Commando. You were a great leader in RPF. You Fought the Good Fight. We will all miss you. You created the best army in Club Penguin and I respect that. Good Bye Commando. *salutes*


  20. Omega39 says:

    I knew I made the right decision joining the RPF after the short rebellion of the Silver Surfers. I salute you sir. You made the impossible possible. It is great and a true honor to fight with you. Your actions will never be forgotten. There will never be a better leader than you because you are the top dog. You have all the qualties of a good leader; although, it is sad that you are retiring, but yet the RPF will go into the next generation. As of I and the rest of the RPF: WE WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT OUR ROOTS. Commando Sir… I SALUTE YOU!



  21. Zarley says:

    * tries not to cry *

  22. Dr Nono Jr says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but… all I can say is… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! NOT AGAIN!!! Every time I join an army the leader quits! I joined the ACP, and a few months later, Oagal quit! Now I just joined the RPF a few days ago and you’ve quit, too! I’m sorry I don’t have anything better to say, but I haven’t had much time in your army. I know you were a great leader, and I respect you and the RPF greatly. So, in the words of Oagalthorp, march on! *salutes* (Oh, and by the way, I think it’s kinda funny that kg and Fort became leaders of their armies after the first leader quit, and they’re brothers)

  23. Mr Snowball3 says:


    You were a fearless leader, Commando 717.

    But more important, and why your troops followed and were ever loyal to you, is that you were a fair and generous leader who looked out for and cared for his soldiers.

    I hope the new leaders of CP armies will have your heart and vision and wisdom.

    We will all miss you, Commando 717. There will never be another like you.

  24. Tidle Fin says:

    Heh… brother clash.. let’s hope that doesn’t happen lol -.- .

    I made a pic to lift some moods 😀 .

  25. andrew575 says:

    Good Bye Commando, like Oagal, you were probably one of the best leaders CP has seen, and your right, it is the time for new leaders to start running everything. There will never be another leader like you *Salutes*

  26. Bobliosenior (Videofreak77 on Runescape) says:

    *sniffle*… I’ll miss ya Commando. You too Taytay…. *sniffle* … No matter how much of jerks you may been, I’ve always liked you guys. Goodbye sir…. *salutes* Your loyal soldier, Bobliosenior *sniffle*

  27. Bobliosenior (Videofreak77 on Runescape) says:

    Edit: Your loyal soldier (who never really got respect or promoted), bobliosenior

  28. Sweetie10401 says:

    Commando you are an awsome leader and always will be you were totally a great guy……even though you didnt add me as a friend lol i got over that. We’ll ALL miss you Commando!!! *Saultues*

  29. Commando717 says:

    Commando, this is Taytay. Dude, you have been like a brother to me, and I am going to miss you bigtime, even though I can walk to your house tomorrow. Ill cya tomorrow! All you stupid idiots who keep on saluting commando, stop it. Commando isn’t like some kind of general. Instead of saluting him, and making him feel isolated for being better than you, you should bring him down to your level. Instead of “salute” go “Punches” or “noogies” or “kicks balls” Idk. Hey, terr, by the looks of your speech, I say you should put “licks balls” Dude that was the gayest speech I have ever heard and I once saw an episode of Will and grace! But seriously yall, Commando, **High Fives!**, **smax head**

    Shoulda Had a V8. Taytay606

  30. jaja1995 says:

    Its sad to see you go commando after so long but like many people (including me) everyone is moving on in life. I realised this a couple of weeks ago. You taught many people commando in a lot of fields and without your great leaderhsip skills who knows what RPF, Club Penguin and everyone thing else that has to do with club penguin, would be like if a penguin called commando717 didnt step foot in the island…
    I will never forget the 7 ambushes against UMA in world war III it will stay with me forever (proballly not).
    Cya buddy for the last time, Good Luck in life in what ever you do.
    Fight the Good Fight, Jaja1995

  31. jaja1995 says:

    lol taytay i wont forget you to.
    *punches taytay right on the shoulder bone

  32. theorginalme1 says:

    Well I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting. It was only a matter of time until Commando officially quit.

  33. planetclippy says:

    hey kg i have been a head general for a long time. and before i quit rpf my goal was to be a rpf headgeneal or higher before i quit. so please promote me to headgen. thanx. general clip~

  34. planetclippy says:

    i ment to say i have been stuck at GENERAL for a long time! so please promote me to headgen.

  35. hero12985 says:

    I knew this day would come when many of the best leaders would quit.First Pink Mafias,then Oagalthorp,now Commando717.Commando do not feel bad if you are because sometimes you have to move on.I will remember you.You were one of my role-models.You were a great leader.I will miss you.Can Kg007 or someone please add me to the ranks,cause I would like to officially join.I helped RPF sometimes,but now I would like to officially join.*salutes*

  36. Papa Zou says:

    lmao taytay but i still salute that kid.

  37. hero12985 says:

    Oops I meant *high fives!*

  38. xflameboyx says:

    Dear, Commando717

    Hey, I am very sad to see you go. When i joined the RPF, i dident think i would get along with every one. But you and all of the other RPF made it a great time and You are the best leader there ever was. Even though you dident really reconize me, i still always tryed my hardest and got to the rank i am right now.

    *Flame Boy125* An amazing leader, Salutes

  39. good bye comando my good friend ill miss u *salutes*

  40. Kman726 says:

    Wow…The day has finally came…i thought it would never happen.your one of my closest friends commando.ill never forget you man. ever since i joined i knew this was the right choice of armies.through thick and thin you have always been there.but think of it this way! welcome to the retired club!and also,the hall of heros.but one last thing.
    Commando…I…Am your father!!! lol cya man!

  41. Sgt Crazynes says:

    NOOO!!!!!!! 😦 Well you were a great leader, i have a few questions though:
    1. What happened to the drums( for the drum roll)
    2.Why didnt oyou list me? lol
    3. Whats you email: Mines:


    ~Rpf Warlord Sgt Crazynes~

  42. Sgt Crazynes says:

    oh yah. Do you have a beard?

  43. Dreamguitar says:

    you guys are all noobs…

    what are u guys 5???

    lol who *salutes* on a computer!!!! LOL

  44. miroos says:

    IDk what to say
    bye Commando
    I salute u
    You were the only leader of a big army which I actually became reall buddies on cp with 😥

  45. penguinfresh says:

    Dont leave ill make an army like RPF
    And now i just did
    The Next RPF
    Imperial Guard
    Guarding Clubpenguin Day And Night
    😦 Bye Commando
    Best Leader Ever

  46. penguinfresh says:

    Dont Go!!!!!!!
    The Next RPF
    Imperial Guard
    Guarding Clubpenguin Day And Night

  47. Ambassador Casiusbrutus says:

    Well good bye commando this is the end of the line old chap (lol) *salutes*

  48. tra leader nielsenkc says:

    DEAR COMMANDO i should left a better comment for u i joined rpf in sept but even before that u were good firend starting with the tuxedo tready then it when it started i came on rpf chat became firends with rpf then later on joined the biggest battle i was in with rpf was in the ww in tundra also i hate to see u leave. COMMANDO THE BEST LEADER THERE WAS ON CP WITHOUT HIM CP MAY HAVE BEEN DELETED because the uma thing might have got so bad wait if the site got deleted that good i think lol. well any i hate to cya leave your old firend nielsenkc hits commando in the face lol.

  49. commando good luck u were the greatest leader,and a very dear friend for me.I just wanna ask if i am now 2nd in command and can i be an author.I always got ur back commando.u 2 taytay.*salutes*

    Fight the good fight!

  50. tomtwelve says:

    yup, with oagal and you gone, the new age of armies will begin…

  51. hero12985 says:
    Please check this army out.It is the Spartans.Our old site was deleted and it had 17000 hits.This site only has 600 hits.Please join us.

  52. hero12985 says:

    Bye Commando.Bye Taytay

  53. Kg 007 says:

    Cya Taytay, I’ll always remember the fun we had.

  54. hero12985 says:

    Attention all RPF go to the Mammoth Dojo.RPF and Nachos are being attacked we need back up.

  55. planetclippy says:


  56. miroos says:

    Thats the empire army!

  57. Tidle Fin says:

    Umm.. I order someone to pay for my membership!!!!!

    Could I make a picture of something in honor of Commando? Share your ideas with me and I’ll do my best.

  58. Tidle Fin says:

    Could someone get me a membership?

    And share your ideas with me, because I could make a picture in honor of Commando.

  59. Tidle Fin says:

    Crap double comment.


    1st of all, nice icon -.-. 2nd of all, that’s not empire. Empire wears the air tank thingy and black crap. THAT happens to be the mummy army.

  60. yoshi nelly says:

    bye sir take care of yourself lol

  61. Tidle Fin says:

    Heh. Here is what I think of Patriot Leader… heh heh heh…

    Warning: I went kinda crazy on some blood violence.

    Enjoy! 😀

  62. Papa Zou says:

    oh yah we won tha battle it wuz awesome… so yah

  63. Nacho Ambassador Shadow2446 says:

    Well Commando… It was fun, it was good. It was mostly fun though XD. Im gonna miss you big daddy. I really had a great time getting to know you. RPF was one of our closest allies in my opinion. Always a strong, friendly group. Too bad you have to go now. ;( You never know how much you did for CP.

    I would like to present you with this award for all of your help over the months and years:

    Its only going to be given out to the big army leaders who retired(so dont try to say you stole it, got one, or even ask for one b/c I make them and give them out). Anyways Commando… You’ll always be in RPF history.

    I dont march to the beat of the drums, I hear maracas! -Shadow2446

  64. redsoxruler10 says:

    Dear Commando
    I now you dont remember me but I fought in the first 3 major battles of RPF
    your army was the best I never thought it would end this way. I salut you commando.
    Mets Rock 63

  65. dialga80 says:

    My buddy commando:

    when I first met you, the RPF was having a practice war on Alaska or some server like that. I had been reading this site for a week, and I couldnt wait to meet you.

    3 months later, I am here writing this comment.

    I remember the time when WW and RPF worked together to help beat the Black Bandits and free Tundra. I was shocked when you said you would help, and eventually, we worked together to acheive a common goal.

    Commmando you will live on as CP’s GREATEST army leader, there was never one better than you, sir. Oagalthorp and Pink Mafias may had been good, but you, sir, were the best. You lead the RPF to defeat the largest CP army ever seen, and You made it look easy. I salute you.


    -Dialga80 RPF General-

  66. Tidle Fin says:

    Psh. Ogal wasn’t even CLOSE.


  67. Wow, Commando. Congratulations, and good luck from here on out. You were a great leader, and I’m sure the RPF will prevail in the future. You were the greatest leader I’ve ever had. *Salutes*

  68. But, now we need a new 2nd in Command.

  69. Commando717 says:

    The new second in command is your mother

  70. Tidle Fin says:

    Umm…. ME!!! Jk. Even though I could rebuild the funny pics page.

    Look at this! It’s hilarious!!

    Believe it or not this is the third pic I made today…. I have nothing to do because mosquitoes infested my yard… and my mom won’t let me and my sisters play soccer 😥 .

  71. Tidle Fin says:


  72. Tidle Fin says:

    Ok. I present Commando with the first ever Golden Guitar Award!
    More precious than any medal, more valuble then any jewel, to get this award means to have respect of any soldier, rpf or not.

    *bows and gives Golden Guitar to Commando*

  73. Islandershky says:

    Cya commando, you were one of the best leaders in Club Penguin. Though I wasn’t one of the first RPF members, I was proud to fight beside you and RPF when I ran my old army.


  74. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador says:

    I didn’t reallly know you Commando, I just joined but I will miss you. *salutes*
    Kg007, you are in charge.

  75. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador says:

    I hope that with your leadership RPF can continue going strong.

  76. Tidle Fin says:

    Heh. You said that comment just in time shaboomboom.. I just happened to have finished my first slideshow.


  77. John Borne says:

    Good Bye Commando, we will miss you, you to Taywad, even though i mostly knew you as a large enemy that was a real big jerk, but any how, we will miss you both, and I have decided to not retire because nobody really came to my party, I got sidetracked and was 5 mins late but I still made it, I thank you to those 7 people who showed including Fort and Papa Zou. I might decide to come back to CP if Noil will tell me how to get a 1 time pay membership, then I can rejoice in both RPF and RWF, oh wait, I left RWF, nvm. Now who will be head warlord? Oh and I will not be showing up on chat as John Borne, no, someone else.

  78. ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador says:

    Congratulations Kg007. I hear that you and Fort are brothers. This is kind of like a dynasty of penguin rulers, isn’t it?

  79. Tidle Fin says:

    Um. Me? 0-0 . If I didn’t leave mammoth I would have been a warlord by now anyways -.- .

    Seriously, someone buy me a membership.

  80. pscp says:

    A message to a former army leader and a friend,

    Even though im not in R.P.F i think you led them into great battles. And yes i know your story. You made R.P.F as a rebel army for U.M.A and you accomplished it. Your are a great leader, and a great friend.I was glad to have been on your side in the end. And yes to however said a new generation has begun. Oagolthorp and YOU has retired. I hope you have a grat life. Goodbye Commando. Your just wasn’t a brave leader, you were friend to Oagolthorp heck everyone, and me to. *Salutes*

  81. generalziehen says:

    Well Commando, there is a time to stop, and you have obviously realized that it is now. I thank you for the great times that all of us had in this army, and hope that you will never forget us. I will never forget you! Have a great time doing, whatever you are doing, things in the future!



    PS: Can I have overall authority over Airforce?

  82. Punaboy7 says:

    Ha. Never thought i’d see the day. Well cya ya comando. You were a terrible leader.

  83. rpfspy says:

    good bye commando.
    thanks for all the fun times *salutes*

  84. Zarley says:

    fun times?!!!?!? * gets freaked out* What do u mean fun times??!!??! Thoughs: If he means in his bed then i will be even more freaked out

  85. planetclippy says:


  86. planetclippy says:

    so anyway. kg or commando. i would really like it if you would promote me to headgen soon. cuz well, i have been a general for so long and, well i would just really like it if commando or kg made me a headgen. thank you very much. ~ your general alex clip~

  87. Nolaurator says:

    Well, I don’t know if you remember me Commando, but I’m sorry that I was a pest after I quit, you might remember, I was leading that whole “Anti Army” thing. Anyways, sorry for that! You were a good leader!
    Fight the Good Fight!

  88. generalziehen says:

    PS: Its ok Taytay! Everyone is a jerk sometimes (dont forget me in that list)! Well, bye for now!

  89. Furbur27 says:

    To the recently retired RPF leader and founder Commando717

    Though I only met you briefly a couple of times on the battlefield, I have still admired you so much. And your legend will live on for many years. You are if not the most one of the most famous leaders of any army in CP.

    *salutes Commando*

  90. Papa Zou says:

    Hey its my old buddy Furbur. havent seen u since i joined RPF back in late may 2007

  91. Mario65889 says:

    Commando,without you, I never would have got where I am today. you have inspired lots of penguins!
    You are the greatest leader you should be along side other heros like general MacArthur.
    Among club penguin hall of fame you will always be remembered,even if you are not in the army leaders hall of fame. I SALUTE YOU Commando!*salutes* good bye commando…
    TayTay, we make mistakes sometimes.
    thank goodness we have friends that can accept our apology.
    I accept your apology!

  92. Mario65889 says:

    YOU HAVE fought the good fight commando you finished your course. you never backed down i salute you for that *salutes again*

  93. Acp Spy says:

    Rapidy i knew you were a spy u lying f***k!! Im gonna tell fort and tomy and oagalthorp!!!!!!!!!!!!!bitch!

  94. Tidle Fin says:

    100th comment.

  95. Commando717 says:

    I wasnt able to reply to every comment, since theres so many. But I would like to thank you all for what you have said. It makes me sad to look back on all I have accomplished, and know that Im calling it quits right now. But, the armies have to move on. With me, Oagalthorp, and Mpenguin all still in office. Nothing was going to be accomplished in the future. Theres always a time of new leaders, and that time has come now for all of us. The new era is right around the corner. And kg and fort need to lay the path for us.

    Once again, I thank you all, these comments where great. May RPF live on!

    Fight the Good Fight RPF!

    – Commando717 (Retired Leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Retired President of the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation)

    Long Live THE RPF!

  96. Papa Zou says:

    *Salutes Commando one last time… On behalf of everyone, You denfinelty are my idol. you will be missed.

  97. Mario65889 says:

    *sigh* good bye commando! *waves*

  98. markjonny says:

    hey commando u never give the small ranks bigger ranks i quit a month agou said nothing ive been on ur website every day bloo whan it was promotion day i stayed lowest rank i dont salute . Idoits

  99. sarge983 rpf 5 star general says:

    markjonny,shut up.the only reason you weren’t promoted was because wew weren’t getting recruits so many soldiers weren’t promoted.not only that,but in the real world,soldiers rarely get promoted unless they did a damn good job.Also, you’re selfish because you won’t salute him over that shit.I stayed a general for five long months.I don’t care.lower ranks carve out the shape of an army.Commando,I didn’t think your time would come.Will you still be on caffination nation?

    P.S. I salute you.

  100. sarge983 rpf 5 star general says:

    But,Commando, the 2nd generation is still not ready.

  101. planetclippy says:

    hi you all! i made a cool new banner for my site! come check it out

  102. planetclippy says:

  103. planetclippy says:

    omfg… the banner link isnt working!!!!!???
    well ..

  104. zipod says:

    *Shakes hand and then Salutes*

    You Fought the good fight Commando

  105. Aqua Blue 10 says:

    Strong words, strong words….

  106. The Truth says:

    Okay, I will admit that UMA is no longer a major power and not as evil anymore, but they haven’t been completely destroyed!
    Is their site

  107. […] Today is the aniversary of a major even in RPF history! A year ago today on April 18th 2008, Commando717 retired from RPF just a few days after Oagal retired from ACP. Of course you all know that Commando came back but this marked the new generation in RPF which several high ranking members of RPF today, including Sergie, and myself are considered to be part of. […]

  108. spongebob007 says:

    Why did your forget meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lol, this is such a memorable post.

  109. Osprey037 says:

    To long. did not read!

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