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 RPF now has a new chat located on the chat page. I (Kg 007) am now the main owner on the chat. The old chat is still on the page. RPF Chat



Kman 2nd in Command?

 ~ Kg 007

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20 comments on “New Chat
  1. Tommer651 RPF warlord says:


  2. opingucpcheats says:

    yay! Second person to comment!

    By the way, I’m a private

  3. amz129 (RPF Lieutenant) says:


  4. Tidle Fin says:

    He should be 2nd in command because he was second place in the vote.

  5. Ard906789 says:

    I agree with shaboom

  6. Spike says:

    i should be high in the ranks 0_0

  7. xflameboyx says:

    KG, It isnt fair for people who are running in the elction to have a new competetor and dosent even have the smae ranks as me taylor ziehen and dragon. Plus he quit so it realy isnt fair if he dose.

  8. sarge983 rpf 5 star general (leader of RPF Rangers) says:

    Tidle,you know u r in command of first wave of rangers right?Well,try to go to the site more often and get more can direct the amp. landing at rpf chat.go to the ranger site for more info.

  9. sarge983 rpf 5 star general (leader of RPF Rangers) says:

    also, you don’t have to be in the rangers to participate in the amphibious landing.go to the site in the last comment I made and fill out the info it says under the landing post.

  10. generalziehen says:

    I agree with Ard and fxflameboyx. It is not fair to call a retirement, if one will return a month later, when a new and higher position is open. Therefore, as said on the poll comment, Kman shall not run for 2nd in command! And if it does, it would be a new outrageous era of unloyalty!

  11. tra leader nielsenkc says:

    i would like to file a report to kg stateing alot of firendly fire bye zie for being in tuxedo i did not fire a shoot also jw was inoved also i was banned on rpf chat. TRALEADER/ RPF HEAD GEN NIELSENKC\

  12. tra leader nielsenkc says:

    also they fired when u said zie was order not to fire or some thing

  13. John Borne says:

    i do agree with what you guys are saying, but you guys also say this because you know you would get creamed if Kman came in, so what your saying, is true, but is also selfish. I still said no however, srry Kman but half of what they are saying is right.

  14. John Borne says:

    And shut up about the unloyalty crap, it isnt, if he came back it would show him how dedicated he is to us! That IS Loyal. As i said before, half of what your saying is for a selfish act.

  15. Tidle Fin says:

    Crap john I was gonna say something like that… curse you roblox why must you be so fun to play!

    Anyways, john is right. Your saying that because you know that kman will win if allowed into the race. If you are sure about winning, then there is no problem right?

  16. Spike says:

    wait you play roblox i do too! exept i don’t know how to move a vehicle. >0

  17. Tidle Fin says:

    Hmm… your what I call a NOOB HHAHAA

    Jk, anyways you click on the tool it matches and press y.

  18. Papa Zou says:

    ok why do we have 3 friggin chats?? make ur mind!!! choose ONE!!
    nah jk…

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