Here are the results for the Kman poll:

Should Kman be able to run for 2nd in Command?  
Selection   Votes
Yes  44% 23
No  56% 29
52 votes total

After 52 votes, Kman will not be able to run for Second in Command. RPF would love to have Kman comeback, but he won’t be in this Second in Command race.

 ~ Kg 007

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36 comments on “Results
  1. planetclippy says:

    tht sux

  2. Nick says:

    Kman would have won if he didnt quit… nothing is more certain…

  3. […] 8timmy360 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHere are the results for the Kman poll:. Should Kman be able to run for 2nd in Command? Selection, Votes. Yes, 44%, 23. No, 56%, 29. 52 votes total. After 52 votes, Kman will not be able to run for Second in Command. … […]

  4. clubpenguinadvance says:

    i voted him to be a 2nd inc comand.its me super blip(a.k.a. denominater)

  5. Tidle Fin says:

    You would have made a good 2nd in command kman. Don’t listen to what the other canidates say, they just want less competition.

    March on!

  6. Mmble05 says:

    Are we allies with Elite? Nina says we are?

  7. goodbye rpf zie juts banned me from rpf untill next month on monday

  8. rpfarmynews says:

    from RPF? It’s J.W here! Ok, WTF!! He banned u from the RPF AF, not RPF idiot!

  9. Tidle Fin says:

    Click on the play button.

    Heh heh… suckers.

  10. Coopertroop4 says:

    i thought you might wanna know the elites are attacking inocennt penguins

  11. Papa Zou says:

    ok wtf happened in tha past 4 days?? ive been in a bball tournament in Ohio so i havent been on in a while. sorry kman that it didnt work out for u but i thought u retired?? well…. watever knew u couldnt stay away from RPF for long. but if u officially back in RPF. Welcome Back!

    -Papa Zou

  12. Papa Zou says:

    OK so i come back from a bball tournament in ohio since thursday and i miss a lotta stuff. Sorry it didnt work out for u Kman but i thought u retired? i kno u couldnt stay away from RPF for long. so if ur officially back, Welcome Back!

    ~ Papa Zou

  13. Tidle Fin says:

    He isn’t Papa. And weird, I’ve been gone for about five hours and only one new comment? Sheesh.

  14. sarge983 says:

    Commando,to make Kg an author,go to your profile.on the secondary toolbar,click on the on Kg and change it from editor to author.Tidle, do u have a wordpress account? if u do, give me ur email and I’ll make u a user.

    Kg 007: I’m already an editor

  15. Tidle Fin says:

    Umm k? User on what?
    My wordpress account is tidlefin and my email is

  16. Nick says:

    Uh hum… why would commando want kg as author?

  17. sarge983 rpf 5 star general (leader of RPF Rangers) says:

    A user or editor on the ranger site.U know the link.

  18. Warfighter496 (a.k.a. sarge983) says:

    why did my name change on the last comment?

  19. Warfighter496 (a.k.a. sarge983) says:

    ya know what,screw this.I’m changing my name back.

  20. Warfighter496 says:

    This is just a test

  21. Tidle, I’ll make u an editor on the ranger site.

  22. planetclippy says:

    cuz hes the leader of RPF and i think the leader should be a author… duh 🙄

  23. bubbleswafuls says:


  24. clubpenguinadvance says:


  25. dragon says:

    but editor is better and kg was already made one

  26. planetclippy says:

    oh… well… ok then 🙄

  27. planetclippy says:

    a href=”” target=”_blank”> vote general alex clip for gov of iceage!!! 🙂

  28. planetclippy says:

    damn the link to the banner doesnt work!!!

  29. sarge983 says:

    crap, I mean administrator.

  30. therinator1 says:


  31. tyrranidking says:

    That Sucks!!! He would have made a good 2nd in command,

    Oh yeah KG does the RPF want to become allies with the PFA? Plz, were allies with the TRA and what used to be FGR and a lot of other armies, if you want to become allies plz go to and comment on the allies page, plz be our allies, were a medium sized army but hardly any one has seen our site, I know with your help we could become a huge army…


  32. sch5 says:

    Hot_Blonde_Stripper banned me for saying hey she said we where supposed to say ding dong

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