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January 2018 Better Igloos/Furniture Catalog Hidden Items: Club Penguin Rewritten

Hello everyone, Today, CPR updated the Igloo Catalog with new items and also some hidden items! This post will help you find all the hidden items from the Better Igloo Catalog. Let’s get into it! If you want to join

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January 2018 Clothing Catalog Secrets: Club Penguin Rewritten

Hello all, Today, CPR released their new catalog for the month of January! There are plenty of hidden items so let’s jump right into it! If you want to join RPF, click here! We are the largest group on CPR

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Site Preserved

Left open to preserve RPF History on this day, March 29th, 2017. The day of Club Penguin’s closure. Site History: 2014-2017: 2012: [No Longer Available] 2007-2014: Fight The Good Fight

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DW is boring

Why are you still invading USRPF? All of your invasions are invalid. Have fun pointlessly logging on Club Penguin lol. 

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So far we have been transferring the current domain over to the new self hosted server, this process could be completed at any time, but COULD take up to SEVEN DAYS. Meaning for the time being, the main address of

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The Rebel Penguin Federation successfully defended Snow Cone from the Nachos. The battle took place at 8:00pm EST. We started at Town which we completely dominated! This event was “special” because Nachos, who where scared of us, moved rooms every

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Hey guys, this is me, Abhinav, and here is my new ideology. I am currently working on new innovative tactics and formations, which would go very well with the RPF. Like in the time we had no Ausia events, we

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Rebel Penguin Federation Video II – FΛЯ FЯӨM ӨVΣЯ

Hey, Rebels! Guess what? Its RELEASED! As you can see, RPF Video pt. 2 is finished and finally on public. Your excitements has finally waited for this moment. I wanna thank RPF for working together as a Team around Friendship.

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Invasion Of Permafrost:A Success!!

Comment If You Attended For A Possible Promotion! Hey guys, its me, Abhinav, and I’m here to bring you the results of the UK Invasion of Nacho server Permafrost, which was held in 7:30 PM UK, which we invaded successfully.

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Ausia Claims The Server Ice Box!!

Hey guys, its me, Abhinav, and here I bring the results of the Invasion of Ice Box Ausia had today on 6:30 PM IST. We maxed 11-13 and this was a much better-off chat size than the one earlier this

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