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Allied Summit

The Rebel Penguin Federation has marched onward in a conflict that is beginning to show jaded colors. We were the only ones to stand up against the trickery the Nachos have presented in their power hungry fueled thrashings. They have

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The RPF News Ticker

Hello, Lights here bringing the RPF troops information on Club Penguin Armies this week! The first thing we will be talking about is CPAC’s Top Ten! The Top Ten this week reads as follows, 1. Nachos [+1] [86.75] 2. Hot Sauce Army [-1] [85.88]

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Sub Zero Results

Ashes1627’s edit: I have images of a small RPF unit claiming 15 rooms! I’ll upload them tommorow. and yes, they also have a time on them. IW got pwned by the RPF. Ok, normally I would say we lost but

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Thermal Defended, IW Ain't Got No Pancake Mix!

A stunning turn around once again in the RPF/IW war. The Ice Warriors logged on with an ally also dressed in their uniform, outnumbering us immensely across the server. As it neared the time for the battle, RPF logged on. Battle

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The Mind Beats The Blade

Today at 12:00 Penguin Standard Time the Rebel Penguin Federation invaded the server of Parka, and won it. But this time things were much different, it was not by size. But by tactics. Hearing from reports, the Ice Warriors had

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Test Your Might: RPF Takes Over Frostbite!

Once again the Ice Warriors tried to frame us with bots, of course they would considering we went to Frostbite and successfully took it over. Good Job RPF! Expect to be doing this again really soon. The battle started out with us

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Thermal Victory! Tundra Invasion Evaded

Icey and I talked after the battle, they have not admitted defeat since RPF and IW were so close in winning during the battle. But RPF overall came out with more people through out the last 30 minutes of the

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Victory On Thermal/LOL at IW

Defence of Tuxedo post here, read and comment. Thermal was defended successfully, there was no leader on so I lent a helping hand to get the RPF and its allies on the job to defend against the Ice Warrior masses.

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Reason For The IW Target

I’d thought I’d explain this to clear up our “unjust” reasons for going to war with the Ice Warriors. Usually the RPF leaders (and me for some reason) get together with coffee, donuts, and exactly four sugar cubes to throw the

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Is Everyone Blind?

The RPF have called in a special service to trace the bots that we’re at the battle. We have discovered who we’re controlling the bots. We have narrowed it down to two possibilites: PC Engine, and Cookies4ever5. Both Ice Warrior

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