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Elite Recruiting Team

Elite Recruiting Team I am going to be starting a recruiting team, we will have our own ranking system within the team. If you want to be a part of this just leave a comment on this post. This is

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The New Awakening

I haven’t given you guys a post in a while, and I think you guys could use a good one. I want to do some recapping on how RPF is doing and where RPF is going. A lot of you

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RPF Pulls an RPF; Number 1

Has RPF done it again? 2 weeks in a row. Yes! Good job, Penguins! We made Number 1 on CPAC for the second week in a row with no ties.  Special thanks to all the troops in RPF. We could

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Sweet RPF Victory;

Whats up? Well, Pleased to say, We won! We honestly kicked arse. These are some of the best numbers I’ve seen in weeks! Great job Rebels! 3 minutes before the battle, the RPF Air Force Helecopters loaded in tons of

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Why The Nachos Are Insecure

So I took a trip over to the Nacho website recently just to see what all the fuss was about when it comes to them not admitted defeat in any sort of manner. I thought to myself, “maybe they do

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USRPF Government and New Organizational Structure

USRPF is a term thrown around these days without much backing it. Basically it’s just a name that we gave to the servers we own, right? Well it is that. But there’s some more legend and functions that haven’t really

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2) If you spot an enemy army you must open fire immediately. 3) Always chant “RPF!” (Patriotic)  

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Nacho Empire Breached, Aurora Is Ours

12:00 HOURS (In CST) Rebel Penguin Federation forces embark off the coast of Tundra and Arctic, the RPF Naval fleet is resupplied and ready for war. Air Force bombers fly overhead to preemptively bomb the Aurora coastline. Satellite photographs indicate

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Operation Urgent Fury | New Policies | Minecraft Time

The Rebel Penguin Federation hasn’t been doing much these last few days, but this week, will be different. Mostly because we’re having an event every single day, starting RNM News, and starting our Minecraft server. Along with this, we’re getting

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Success! RPF Claims Parka!

Greetings, RPF! We have claimed Parka! We have defeated the Water Vikings! During our invasion/cleansing of Parka, we ran into many issues, but none were WV! The event started off as RPF logging onto Parka, Town. Soon after, we were

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