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My Retirement; Red Gush24

Hello RPF. Sadly this may be my final post as RPF Leader. As of January 1, 2014, I am retiring from the USRPF. This is mainly because I am 17, and I no longer have time for RPF. It’s not

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The Conclusion

As partisans of the (United Servers of the) Rebel Penguin Federation, we represent as a militaristic and political coalition of well-trained, highly intelligent renegades whose simple task is to wreak havoc behind enemy lines in any way they see fit,

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Expectations | Common Sense

[Attention]: All RPF Read: Elmikey and I have been planning out RPF’s future for quite some time now, as well as the rest of the RPF leadership. Like Elmikey said in his post “Perfection” we have big plans for RPF, and those plans require

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Search and Destroy Results 10/1/13

Hello RPF! RPF Leader Red here, bringing you the results of RPF’s first ever Search and Destroy Session! This was a pretty alright event, RPF managed to max around 20 for this event, and averaged 15-17+. We started off at the

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Mass Recruiting Results. 9/30/13

Hello RPF once again, it’s Red Gush24 with the results of RPF’s latest “Mass Recruiting Session”. Click to read more of this post.

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[ATTENTION] United Penguin Army, A New Threat.

Accessing RPF Mainframe…. Access Granted. ~~Attention RPF!~~ Greetings, RPF, lately, we have stumbled upon a finding that may change the course of CP Warfare entirely. This finding is the United Penguin Army (UPA). The UPA are a CP only based army, meaning

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Event Results 9/25/13

Hey RPF! Hey, RPF! It’s Red Gush24 finally posting. I haven’t posted in awhile due to being busy, but here we go, the event results of 9/25/13! RPF logged onto Arctic at 7:00 Eastern time in the Town. RPF managed

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This is it, my friends.

Dear RPF, and others, I have made my decision. I am retiring RPF. It’s been a pleasure, but my time is up. Nothing is wrong with RPF, nor it’s troops, for it is just my time to go. I don’t

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Black and White. | Operation Black Out | UK Division Sign Up

Scroll Down For This Weeks Mandatory Events & Updates This is RPF Command. We are at war, repeat, we are at war. [Operation Black Out.] Defence of Arctic. Server: Arctic Date: Friday, June 28 Times: 9:00 am Eastern Time 8:00

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Weekly Events|

Greetings RPF! I’m here today with this weeks series of events! Make sure to comment if you can come! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. U-lead Event. [Training] Server: Server given at event Date: Friday, June 21, 2013 Times: 7:30 pm Est 6:30 pm

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