RPF’s New Premier is…

Chapa’s edit: Thank you Karakoran for the leadership position, and to cewan, and fiasco good job too.

So it was hard to figure out how to make posts publish themselves a pre-set time BUT I think I have it figured out. This post should’ve been published at midnight. If it it hasn’t then it’s because your in a different timezone so you got screwed over, or it’s because I didn’t get it right, so I got screwed over.

Anyway, I know how important my learning of wordpress is to you but I think we might as well get all that boring “who’s going to be leading RPF for the next 4 months” out of the way.

I’ve tallied all the votes, filtered them through a complex system of whether or not they voted for an actual canadit, and then made sure they weren’t fakes:

Chapa23: 8

Cewan/Stark: 7

Fiasco121: 5

[In total there were 19 votes, think of it like an active check.]

So the new RPF Premier is Chapa23.

Congragulations Chapa, your the 2nd person to be RPF Leader with a C at the start of their name.

Ranks, chat, and the site users will be updated soon to accomidate the new leader. Chapa will also pick someone to take his place as 2ic and will pick a new Lord in the RPF Parliament.


“RPF expects victory, nothing less will do.”


No, go away.

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5 comments on “RPF’s New Premier is…
  1. olympus104 says:


  2. caliwar says:

    Congratz Chapstick.

  3. Sergie says:

    Fight the Good Fight

  4. P80 says:

    Congrats to the Chapperz

  5. Sergie says:

    weiner dogs

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