Elitesof is back/Some other stuff

 Hey RPF,

 Yes im back and as your 3ic I was fromerly your leaders before Josh and Ashes were made your leaders. My leaving wasnt as much as an accident  as it was a blessing.And A little planning. See what had happened is when I overthrew cas and stepped in as leader I believe I gave RPF a certain push that they needed to get where they are today. See i heard when i was gone that RPF was like neutral and dead. Well, That isnt my fault see I figured that most likely wouldnt make it through the term completely because of some troubles at home and i was right so I appoint the best 2ic I believed would take over after i left. And so they did It was my fault that you were nuetral as an army its your job to carry on.With or without your leader. An armies life isnt heald in its leaders hand but the hand of those who believe in it.

And with that being said I am back as your 3ic and will be touching up some grey areas. I was looking around seeing more pictures of army chaos then uniformity.  Tactics wise and some other stuff i will talk to Josh or ashes about.


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