The leader situation/Party/New Chat/BG comp

Edit: View Osprey’s retirement post here.

Well on chat today Osprey decided to make me and Josh RPF leaders. He decided to make Josh RPF leader yesterday with the chat’s agreement and today decided to make me RPF leader too with the chat’s agreement. So now we are both RPF leaders.


Ok, now its time for a party! Here are the details.

Server: Tuxedo

Room: Night Club

Why: For the hell of it.

Date: Wednesday 14th July


1:00 PM PST

2:00 PM MST

3:00 PM CST

4:00 PM EST

8:00 PM UK Time


We have a new chat, which can be found at . Go there to chat!


Ok, we need a new background for the new chat. So, if you want to take part in a background competition all you have to do is make a chat BG and put it on Photobucket, with a link to it on this post. The winner will recieve a promotion and 100 xats, with their chat BG put onto the chat. The competition will finish Friday.

Ashes1627, RPF leader.

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11 comments on “The leader situation/Party/New Chat/BG comp
  1. Drocco says:

    how do you make a background

  2. Osprey037 says:

    My bg will own yours. if I make… ooh cleavage… What was i saying?

  3. Kyle Cease says:

    @ Commando. If you honestly think we need a background made with MS Paint, gtfo. Here, this was a great one.


  4. Djgtjvgyhxgy says:

    That one owns.

    Also, I will be there.

  5. atm23 says:

    Hello member of the Club Penguin United Nations (CPUN)! I am a Justice in the CPUN and I am here to inform you on the news that it currently happening. CPUN is giving out promotions to those who can help revive the CPUN. So if you would like a promotion, please post a comment on the latest post entitled ‘A Royal Rumble Practice Battle/Active Count’. The CPUN is also holding a tournament. If you want to enter fill out the form it says in the post. Thank You!

    -ATM 23

  6. Sergie says:

    I win, give me prize.

  7. Sergie says:


  8. Drocco says:

    my computer is working right so it will not let me get on chat 😦 so if im not on chat im not inactive

  9. Dear [members of] the Rebel Penguin Federation,

    I hear Emperer wants me back in the RPF. I apologize for my act of treason, at the time I did not realize how important the Rebel Penguin Federation were and most importantly, still are one of the most influencial forces on Club Penguin and in Club Penguin armies.

    I’d like to return, any rank will be fine.

  10. Drocco says:

    and also i will be on vacation july 23 to august 1st so yeah

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