St. Helena

Before I say this I can understand why I was fired, more or less. I never really had enough time to tell you I didn’t have enough time to be RPF leader. Not to mention it’s just plain simpler to get on Steam than to open 3 Club Penguin windows and hope I can get RPF onto the RPF chat.

In any case, I might as well decide to learn a few things about RPF’s current siguation before I leave.

For instance, why in God’s name did you think it would be a good idea to attack ACP when we can’t even keep an active chat? Cas Edit: ACP attacked us we didnt attack them

My best guess is they pissed us off again, but that’s only a guess. They tend to piss Armies off a lot.


Well, I probably wont come back. The only possible reason is if I somehow get attached to to RPF perminently because I just jinxed it. I’m now closer tied to a series of games on Steam than RPF. It really sucks for RPF, but I have fun so meh.


“Für Thron und Reich!”


No, go away.

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3 comments on “St. Helena
  1. drewinator says:

    yea a lot of people stop getting on rpf because they have found this new game that they really like

  2. Osprey037 says:

    Joshy, you can’t leave. As soon as you do I’ll open the sandvich vault and then you’ll come back. You shall be part of the federation, which still exists, see my last post.

  3. Alex n says:

    I want your Steam account >.<

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