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Site Update… Update

CONTINUE VIEWING THE RPF SITE BY GOING TO WWW.RPFRULERS.WORDPRESS.COM FOR THE TIME BEING. So the transfer finally went through, and it’s definitely acting differently as to what I thought would happen. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I

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The Rebel Penguin Federation successfully raided the Nacho Capital on Tuesday, Feb. 4th. The event started at 8:00pm EST and we immediately logged on Fjord. We started of at Town for some pre-battle training . Then, we moved to Docks

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Invasion Of Permafrost:A Success!!

Comment If You Attended For A Possible Promotion! Hey guys, its me, Abhinav, and I’m here to bring you the results of the UK Invasion of Nacho server Permafrost, which was held in 7:30 PM UK, which we invaded successfully.

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Ausia Claims The Server Ice Box!!

Hey guys, its me, Abhinav, and here I bring the results of the Invasion of Ice Box Ausia had today on 6:30 PM IST. We maxed 11-13 and this was a much better-off chat size than the one earlier this

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Kwi3’s returning / RPF Video

Hey Rebels! If you haven’t heard, I’m back! Not as a RPF Reporter, I’m back OFFICIALLY!

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Invasion of Arctic, Yeti and Toboggan (SUCCESS)

Today the USRPF have successfully invaded Arctic, Yeti and Toboggan from AR . Click Read more to view battle pics.

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NDA’s Reign Of Terror Explained Featuring Commando717 and Biggie Smalls

Alright, well I can’t actually speak for the entire New Dawn Alliance on these issues. But I can certainly give the proper perspective that RPF’s enemies really don’t want you to know about.

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RPF Monument Video *Special* Coming soon!

Hey Rebels! My visitation of the week is almost over of RPF 😦 But before I leave off to continue my Quest , I decided to make a little video of RPF history. I will post it soon THIS weekend.

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RFES Apocalypse Poll

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Tundra Union

Hello, my name is Johnhancoff, Coff for short. Many of you may know me from the past. I joined Club Penguin War during November 2006 and I’m surprisingly still around here today but I’ve had many returns. Anyways here is

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