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RPF Site Meeting

Alright, so, there’s a few things I need to discuss with all of you concerning the following topics: Site Design Site Graphics Posting Viewership The Future How I Dislike Oranges And by all of you I mean all the RPF

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RPF’s Super-Cool-Awesome-End-Of-Summer-War-Type-Event Give Away

Scroll down for other posts So, RPF won the Legend’s Cup this year. Thus we won 5,000 xats. We haven’t said anything about them for like a week here. ┬áSo I assume some of you figured out what we did

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RPF War Training Results | Goodbye Bots

The RPF War Training today went well numbers wise, but we didn’t get to do Red vs. Blue today since there were two botters who showed up to make sure the event didn’t go well. It’s too bad that it

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