Attend Friday’s Event

This is a message to all troops. All available RPF needs to attend Friday’s practice battle against DCP. Our goal is to get the best sizes at this battle so we can defeat the Doritos. The DCP are our best ally and they are strong, all RPF attend so we can win.

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Quote from DW leader


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Active Count

All RPF must comment or you will be removed from the Ranks

An active count is needed to find out how many troops in RPF are active. Our ranks page has become full of inactive troops, and it’s time to clean it up.

Answer these 3 questions:

1. What is your name on ranks?

2. Are you a US, UK or AUSIA troop?

3. How active are you on a scale of 1-10?

Copy and paste the above questions into a comment below. Any RPF who do not comment will be removed from ranks permanently.

Active count ends on Wednesday 26th February. Comment before then or you will be removed from Ranks.

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The Rebel Penguin Federation successfully cleansed the server Tuxedo on the 12th of February at 8 pm EST. We started off at Town and then moved to the Stadium. This event was lead by : Elmikey, Lilstar and Sharp who had the honor to lead one tactic. RPF maxed sizes of  20 and averaged 18.

Pic of the day

Click on Read More for more pics! 

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Valentine’s Day (A Lil Giveaway!)

Here is your chance to win!

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Training/Recruiting a SUCCESS!

This was yet again, another amazing event. We hit Arctic to perform great tactics and formations. Not only did we perfect our previous learned formations, but we threw in some new ones we have never done before and they worked out extremely well!


Signing off,


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Retirement of Master Ninja

I’m am posting this on behalf on one of our greatest members, Master Ninja.

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Daily Inspiration #3

Hey RPF!

This post is for you guys to remember our incredible sizes and tactics. We have grown so much as an army but we need to stay focused and keep up the hard and amazing work. We fight the good fight and I encourage all of you to continue striving to make RPF the best army it can be. Because of YOU, we are where we stand today. To keep this army going, we still need your support. Are you with me?

These are some pics from an event sometime back of RPF’s amazing talent! Let’s keep growing.

WEEK 8 ***


If you have any ideas on how we can continuing growing, comment below or tell me on chat!


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Its Time To Rise Ausia!!

I have noticed lately, that the Ausia Division has been quite inactive, and due to the inactiveness, the number of troops who are active is gradually decreasing. So now what……

Now it is our time to rise, to show the whole lot of CP Armies that we have the best Ausia Division in all. So I have planned a tremendous amount of trainings and events to grow up and train Ausia. We may be small, but not weak. We will work to rise our division, we will work to grow and train it. We will prove to be the #1 in all the divisions.

In the next few days, I will be scheduling some recruiting sessions too, to grow up our size, and a few trainings to get ready for the real fight…. We will have a non-stop schedule of events. Lets do it, Ausia!! Yes we can. I believe we will. So lets step up, and challenge the world! Here we come, beware! 😈

Be sure to check the Ausia event schedule daly. 😉

Click >>HERE<< To See The AUSIA Event Schedule!!

Fight The Good Fight! 😀

Signing off,


RPF Ausia Division Rebel Commander

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The ULTImate Contest (Results)

Hey, everyone.

I plugged all the people’s names who submitted an entry into a random name picker:

And the winner, of the ULTImate Contest, is…. Read more ›

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